the art of settling in

You know how some people just have a knack for certain things? They pick up languages in what seems like just minutes, they have perfect pitch when singing, or they can memorize useless information, like the value of Pi, out to 150 decimal places (3.1415926535897932…)? My hunny Ben, for example, has this knack for the guitar. It’s hard to explain, but he can just play.

Little Gonzo Bunny-Ears has a special talent too. When he arrived at our house on Saturday, he spent about 30 minutes playing with great vigor and ferocity (and I mean that in the least aggressive way possible, unless you are coming from the perspective of the sticks and leaves in our yard), then he came inside, grabbed a kong from the floor, and just plopped down on a dog bed. He was done. It was almost as though he had already lived with us for months, knew where everything was, and there was no need to investigate. The rest of the weekend was smooth sailing, with him somehow reading our minds and already knowing the routine before we even told it to him. No anxiety, no drama.

How does a dog get to be such an incredibly mellow fellow?

For more info on adopting Gonzo Bunny-Ears, contact us at DCpetographer [at] gmail [dot] com, or click here.

18 responses

  1. Glad he is settling in so well, he must feel your good energy and already have given life’s worries up to you all. You will have to capture those stick and leaf antics on camera next time if able. I love when my dogs flip out over simple things like piles of leaves. Usually I just like to watch and not worry about photos or video, but then I wish I had so others could share in my enthusiasm.

    Take care

  2. I knew I saw somebody new back there! I caught a glimpse of a small white dog with….huge sticky-uppy ears. And then I remembered to check here. He’s a cutie and we look forward to meeting him.

  3. Way to go, Gonzo! Though I’m guessing the sticks in the yard didn’t appreciate his gusto. Looking forward to photos of him next to Chick.
    In your experience does a foster dog’s personality come out / change as they get more comfortable?

    • Great question! I would say it depends. Gonzo has only been with us a few days and seemed totally comfortable from the start. Lollie, in contrast, took weeks to come out of her shell. She had some serious self confidence lacking to deal with, and her big personality grew visibly each day for the first two or three months.

      typed telephonically. please excuse tybos.

  4. Seriously, those spotted ears kill me with their cuteness. Dead. I can’t take it. The adorableness is overwhelming. I just watched his youtube video that PAW rescue uploaded too, he seems like such a sweet little guy.

    • Thank you! Some indirect window light and good white balance can go a long way! It is not a chalkboard wall, it is actually a big chalkboard sticker, if that makes sense! We have it on the side of our fridge, and love it. It sells for cheap on amazon, and we love that we could put it on the gravelly surface of our fridge, and that it is just a sticker and can come off without any damage. Email me if you need the link!

      typed telephonically. please excuse tybos.

  5. Gosh I just want to kiss that little face! He is so adorable. It is fantastic he is adjusting so well. Have you had many people interested in him yet?

  6. Awww Gonzo Bunny Ears! What a great catch! Jason’s parents are in the process of looking for a new dog and I wish they lived closer to DC! A mellow dog like Gonzo would be perfect for them.

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