dog bath night

Well, it was that dreaded night again in the Fosterfamily household . . . dog bath night!

mr. bunny-ears really is that small.

What we have learned about Gonzo Bunny-Ears is that unlike his foster brother Chick and our last foster Lollie Wonderdog, both of whom just regular hate bath time, Gonzo really hates bath time. In the bath, he spends 36 percent of his effort scrambling his legs around, 5 percent giving me the stinkeye, and 59 percent trying (sometimes successfully) to leap out of the tub.

i'm so sad, even my ears are deflated.

On six occasions, I had to pick up all 35 pounds of him (maybe 36 pounds soaking wet) and plop him back in there. By the end of the bath, we were both soaked.

the great escape

For more info on adopting Gonzo Bunny-Ears, click here or email us at DCpetographer [at] gmail [dot] com.

16 responses

  1. Very cute photos, and great lighting. Amazing he is that small, smaller than my vizsla girl even, and she is on the petite end.
    Bath time is not overly enjoyed here either. Luna has learned to not bother resisting, and Wyatt is still a little clueless as he doesn’t get many baths, so he’s pretty good about it. Weird that either would not enjoy it seeing as they both ADORE the water. Silly pups, cute photos, were you shooting and doing the bath? Or were you assisted?
    Take care

    • Thanks Anna! I was doing the bath and shooting all by myself. My 30mm lens allows me to get pretty close to the dogs while I shoot, so I can usually keep things under control (though I did have to drop my camera in the sink a few times when Mr. Bunny-Ears unexpectedly bolted). As for the lighting, I cheat. I use a regular shop light (the kind with the silver, cone-shaped surround and a rubber-coated clamp for attaching to things) to side-light, together with the standard bathroom overhead.

  2. I love what you are doing – the whole fostering and promoting through this site, it’s awesome! I send your site out to my pals in DC.

    Our Goody hates bath time too, so we started giving him a shower – by taking the shower with him – standing over him, we found the whole process goes much faster and it’s eliminated the escape attempts, plus rinsing is a breeze. 🙂 Just an idea.

    Here’s Goody >

  3. I can’t get enough of Gonzo, and boy is your Chick quite the handsome devil as well! Sure love following how your fosters do and how fantastic bullies are, if we lived closer that little Gonzo may be a new addition to our family! Keep up the amazing photos and posts!

  4. Oh no… sad Gonzo Bunny Ears…
    Anouk is like Gonzo. I now put on my bathing suit and hop in the bath with her. It’s the only way to avoid her making a break for it.
    Zigs gets washed in the shower.

  5. I forgot to ask earlier, but when are we all going to get to know resident wonderdog Chick better? I have patiently been waiting for parts 2,3 etc of getting to know him… 🙂

    • Honestly, I have been saving Chick for in between fosters, since this is after all a foster dog blog. It’s hard, because he is such an attention hog at our house and he is so endlessly lovable. Do you think you can wait until Gonzo is gone? I bet it will only be a few weeks at most!

  6. I love the sad ears. Everything on Mr. Chick is just sad, he drips sad. On Gonzo, well, he’s mastered the ‘poor, pity me, how could you do this to me, aren’t I pathetic, even my ears are sad, what do you mean I still have to have a bath?’ look. Oh the horror.

    It’s a good thing you know bath time is a temporary thing and you can steel your self against their ruthless heart string tugging.

  7. I cannot say it enough times in a row to emphasize how in love I am with Gonzo Bunny-Ears: He is off-the-charts adorable! He is off-the-charts adorable! He is off-the-charts adorable! He is off-the-charts adorable! He is off-the-charts adorable! He is off-the-charts adorable! He is off-the-charts adorable! He is off-the-charts adorable!

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