Chick’s position on fostering: still not impressed

Fostermom and dad enjoy fostering for the reasons we have already explained and the reasons we will explain next time we have the time to sit down and write about them, but as for Mr. Chick, our own loverboy, he is not so sure.

Of course, he has dog friends. He even has dog kindred spirits, like his uncle Tex the lab, and his old Texas pal Pancho the mexican bandito. But for the most part, Chick’s attitude toward other four-leggers of the canine variety is one of reluctant tolerance. He will leave them in peace, and ask the same in return.

You can tell by his utterly unimpressed and squinty expression in this sorry excuse for a portrait of him and Mr. Gonzo Bunny-Ears:

The only good thing in the photo is that it gives you a little bit of a sense of how very small Mr. Ears is, when compared to the very normal-sized Mr. Chick. Note how Chick has his legs all the way down on the step below, Β and he’s just as tall as an upright Mr. Ears.

Chick’s real complaint with fostering Mr. Ears in particular is that Gonzo is full of boundless energy and is constantly running up to Chick, bodyslamming his tiny body against Chick’s, and saying (with his body language) “hey bro, wanna play? huh? huh? huh?” To this, Chick squints his eyes unamusedly, sighs, and saunters off to another room.

Gonzo has also learned that Chick’s back is the perfect height for putting your paws up on, especially if you are trying to reach, with your tongue, a cooking utensil in your foster mom’s hand. Chick does not find this entirely entertaining, but bears it stoically.

Not that Chick doesn’t like fun. It’s just that Chick takes his energy in small, very enthusiastic bursts, and when he’s not in a burst, he prefers to have fun by reading the paper and sipping a cup of joe. And he’d prefer if you would refrain from wrinkling his paper or spilling his coffee, thank you very much.

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  1. Oh Dear! Poor, Stoic Chick.
    It reminds me of when we first brought Ziggy Stardust home. Anouk was most unimpressed (being a Tzarina at all). She didn’t ‘speak’ to us for about 4 days. On the most memorable occasion we were sitting in the living room with Ziggy with the door adjar. We saw a little head push the door open a bit more. Stare at Ziggy with a distinct “You’re still here” look, sigh and turn tail.
    She’s still a Tzarina, but at least now she has a Ziggy In Waiting!

  2. The pictures say it all! Love them. Patience and peace are the watch words in Chick’s world. Gonzo, well, the name is self explanatory!

  3. Chick sounds a lot like our Annie & Chloe; the further the fosters are away from them, the better. The picture of Chick & the paper is priceless! Wow, Gonzo is tiny!

  4. Great photos, Chick sounds like a wonderful dog. And oh my goodness I LOVE his brindle patches! Such a wonderful surprise (I have not look at many older posts can you tell?). Kudos to Chick for putting up with mr bunny ears, Luna has gotten better about this, but only in regards to her brother wyatt, otherwise any others may get a sharp telling off. Can’t blame her, the pups have nailed me in the knees and it does not feed good.

  5. so cute! and FUNNY…I remember a pic with Chick and Lollie and he had the same facial expression, ike hoping if he blinks, she will go poof and be gone LOL

  6. If any dog put his paws on Our Best Friend’s back, he may never see those paws again! That’s why don’t foster anymore. 😦 So don’t be hard on Chick– it could be a lot worse!

  7. What a sweet boy Chick is for putting up with anyone in HIS house :). I am surprised Mr. Bunny ears hasn’t woo’ed 1 million eligible adopters by now and is still at your house! Those two sure are cute together, and boy is Gonzo such a tiny little bundle of cute!

  8. Ohmidogness! Look what I missed while I was gone! Hellloooo there, new Foster Doggie Gonzo. I just LUVS your ears! They are Most Magnificent!

    Chick, you are very handsome. AND you are a lot like Brudder Ranger. He thinks everybuddy should straighten up and act right. All. the. time. Lucky for him, I came along and taught him that sometimes it’s pretty fun to be goofy. But, even so, I make sure not to spill HIS coffee, either.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  9. Oh Chick, I think he is a bit like our own Mr. B who doesn’t really like to play, but puts up with Miss M just because she is so bossy. In that first photo, I too was going to say I couldn’t tell how tiny Gonzo is until that photo where he’s compared to Chick.

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