Elect Gonzo 2012!

Well folks, he’s done it. In one decisive move, the savvy political brain of Gonzo Bunny-Ears has made history, and forever changed the path of our great nation. Mr. Gonzo Bunny-Ears is running for president. Just like you, Gonzo is tired of corruption. Just like you, he is tired of war. And just like you, he is doggone tired of people who don’t adopt dogs from shelters and rescues.

Gonzo’s platform is simple, and one we can all agree with:

Humane education for all! A ban on chemically ice-removers! An end to BSL! A dog bowl at every water fountain! No more puppy mills! Dogs fly free on major and minor airlines! No dog left behind at the shelter!

Gonzo is mobilizing volunteers and supporters all over the country. It’s going to take a big grassroots effort to win this thing . . . Who’s with us?

For more info about adopting Presidential candidate Gonzo Bunny-Ears, contact us at DCpetographer [at] gmail [dot] com or through Partnership for Animal Welfare.

23 responses

  1. Leila & Quizz will vote for Gonzo Bunny Ears for 2012! We will start the rally for Gonzo in Richmond!!!!!

  2. YIPPEE! I’m SO excited! President Bunny Ears. It has a nice ring to it. Now you needs a slogan that everybuddy will remember. How abouts “Yes, We Can!”? I don’t think anybuddy has used that one before and it’s real catchy.

    Um, but my kittehs are wondering what’s in it for them?

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. So the Wubba? Well, it’s down to two legs now. But I haves a pawfectly good excuse! I don’t want it wandering off somewheres and getting lost. I’m just thinking of its well-being, is all.

  3. If I was a U.S. citizen I would totally vote for Gonzo and help run his campaign. Heck, as it is now I am thinking of crossing the border just so I can support his race. And that is not something I take lightly. I wouldn’t do it for just any dog.

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