the duopoly of cute

It hurt Chick’s feelings a little at the Cherry Blossom festival this weekend when everybody was fawning over Gonzo in his little vest, and only about two out of three people were fawning over Chick as well. He wants everybody to know that it takes two to tango, and while Gonzo is cute, he is not nearly as cute as Gonzo + Chick (the package).

Future forever family, Gonzo wants to know: could Gonzo complete your own package of cuteness? Be the yin to your yang?

20 responses

  1. Mr. Chick is in a league completely unto himself. He is a magnet. He is the shine of the Gonzo. His is the Master of the Force teaching the young padewan Gonzo.

    Fear not Mr. Chick. You are truly memorable.

  2. I look forward to reading your wonderful blog each day 🙂 what beautiful pics of Chick and Gonzo. One question… They are laying so peacefully together… Anytime my two (our foster failure pibble Amy and our Lab mix Luke) are together it is always play time! They just can’t ever relax together! Even after exercise they just always want to play play play. Those pictures are inspiring… I hope to get to that point some day hah 😉

    • Good question, Rachel. I think part of it is that Chick is older (around 8), so his play-all-day days are in the past. He has bursts of play with his friends, but mostly he just wants to lounge around on a dog bed (or your lap, if it is available). Chick is the boss at our house, and Gonzo is smart enough to know that and take his cues from Chick. Chick is also not 100% solid with other dogs, so we were very careful to set a precedent of calm behavior when they are together. We do play with each dog separately, but so far (and it has been about 3 weeks), we have not let them get riled up together. This is mostly because we are overprotective and careful. So we reward them for being cool, and when they start to get too frisky, we call them over for treats, and practice some side-by-side obedience (mostly just sit/stays and down/stays) to help them chill out and refocus. Over time, they learn that they get treats for being chill, and get interrupted for being crazy.

      We did something similar with Chick and his best friend Tex the lab when they were young and very playful (Chick was about 2, Tex about 3), only instead of making a “no playing” rule, we created a “no playing in the house” rule. They learned soon enough that when they were itching to wrestle, they had to go stand by the back door and wait to go outside before they could play. We did it the same way — through treating for good behavior, interrupting for unlawful play, and redirecting play into the appropriate areas. Perhaps you could try something like that — designating an area of the house or the yard for playing, and trying to wean them off of playing in the designated non-play areas. That way, they would learn to relax around each other in the “calm” rooms of the house not because they want to, but because they know they aren’t allowed to play there. Just an idea.

  3. I don’t think anything could be cuter than the two of them. I love the first picture! It’s funny how two dogs can be so completely different yet be quickly catagorized as a pittie-so interesting how that works. Nevertheless these boys are so handsome!

  4. Love to see them snuggling together! Since they are equally as cute, it must be the vest. Perhaps get dear Chick a vest with a catchy slogan on it? Chick Magnet, perhaps? 😉

  5. I love to see them hanging out together, and especially the chin on body photo. It’s so funny how we unknowingly adopted Mr. B to complement Miss M. We didn’t realize it at the time, but when we’re on walks, everyone assumes they’re twins (besides being different types of pitbulls). I think you’re right, we’re drawn to things we find familiar. I wonder if there is a family out there unknowingly looking for a rabbit-eared bully to complement their pooch (though Gonzo and Chick do look great together).

    • That’s funny that people think they’re twins. When we had Lollie, people assumed they were a couple (probably because of her droopy post-puppy nipples). With Gonzo, they assume that Gonzo is Chick’s baby!

  6. Gonzo looks so much like my Trixie BullBunny. Only mine is about 55lbs and ears are more pointed. Love that the two are getting all snugly.

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