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  1. cute, nothing like a good game of chase. Does mr. bunny ears like to be the chaser or chasee? Luna is totally the latter, unless she gets into a typical vizsla kick-butt-fit where she feels the need to bully play Wyatt. And sometimes she just pretends someone is chasing her and has her own game of chase, aka Zoomies
    Have a great monday

    • Mr. Ears is chasee, all the way. When playing with a dog he will alternate, but in the house with people, he wants to snatch up a toy and beg you to chase him around. Super cute.

  2. Oh, I agree! There is almost NOTHING better in the whole wide world than a game of chase! I think this is a Most Excellent quality in a candidate cuz you’re setting a good fitness example for the whole country!

    Wiggles & Wags,

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