gonzo’s girlfriend

Gonzo has a girlfriend! She is a labradoodle, and she’s very fancy.

As it turns out, Gonzo loves stuffed animals. Come to think of it, he loves all toys. He likes to toss them in the air and then pounce on them, and to prance around proudly with them in his mouth. His favorite game of all time is “chase” — in which he is the chasee and you are the chaser. When he is feeling rompy, he will scamper about until he finds the nearest toy, pick it up, and approach you with a very cute and very devious look in his mouth — almost as if he is daring you to follow. The second you make a motion or take a step toward him, he whirls in place, and goes bounding away, stopping just before he’s out of sight to make sure you’re coming. He loves this game. But he also loves his girlfriend, Claudette.

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  1. I’m sure he’ll be sure to free Claudette’s inner sheep when the time comes. After all, he’s a helpful guy! 🙂

  2. He really is the cutest thing! My girl Mya does the same thing with the stuffed animals except when we are tired of the chasing and she is left alone with her toys, she likes to remove their insides… I have given up on the triage of the stuffed toys and decided to just buy the ones at Petsmart that are a couple dollars. Although, the fiance decided to buy her an “indestructable” stuffed toy… LOL! Indestructable… They have not met miss Mya girl!

  3. wow, is that toy really big or is mr gonzo really such a little guy. Luna loves her toys too. As a puppy we kinda taught her to pick up toys to greet people rather than wanting to lightly kiss ad mouth their hands. She still does it to this day, first thing she does when someone comes in is look for something to pick up to dance with. She also grabs a toy to take to bed with her on the couches/chairs/beds. How did we end up with such cute dogs?

  4. It’s nice that Gonzo doesn’t mind that his girlfriend is bigger than he is. Some guys would have a problem with that, but Gonzo is one self confident dude.

    Reggie eats the stuffing in about 5 seconds, so I now get him the toys that have the replaceable water bottle inside. He loves the crinkly sound it makes when he chews it.

  5. She is adorable and looks so clean, my duo would have that sweet thing covered in mud and de-stuffed in 5 seconds!

    In regards to the toy with the water bottle in it -mine love these and we actually picked them up at walmart super cheap – since mine will still destroy the carrier for the water bottle. I will say they get annoying with all the crinkling noise it makes when they are chomping on it 🙂 I know petco and petsmart also carry them!

  6. I love how Claudette has the added advantage of doubling as a pillow 🙂 What more could a Mr. Bunny Ears ask for?

  7. If this was Us Weekly, and I was a (d0g) body language expert, I would say that the second photo betrays Gonzo’s underlying fear of commitment. My professional opinion is that he knows how stinkin cute he is and is keeping his options open…

  8. My Bigwig has a Fox stuffed animal and a Pheasant stuffed animal that he has had for about a year for each..probably even longer for the fox…and he just wont destroy them! He shakes them like crazy and throws them around and chews on them but really doesn’t rip them at all. Every other stuffed toy (even the same brand but different animals) were ripped to shreds within the day. I love watching my buddy prance around with his toys, feeling proud of himself for his awesome shaking skills. The water bottle toy looks like it could make for a cheap renewable toy if the cover can take the abuse…might be worth a shot.

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