a game for you, readers.

You know that fun game in which you look at two pictures and try to figure out what is different between them? Sometimes in the newspaper it’s a drawing of two city scenes or maybe a jungle, and you have to identify a monkey that has a tail in one photo and doesn’t have one in another? Alternately, they used to have a similar game at seedy bars on these weird bar-top computers, and the images you were comparing were two scantily-clad ladies?

Well, let’s play that game. I’ll give you a couple of big clues. First, there really is only one difference between these two photos, although they are different photos. And second, Gonzo is a VERY messy water drinker and we are always amazed at the sprinkling of water all over the kitchen after he is through.

Good luck!

13 responses

  1. Γ§ute idea for a post.. and he looks much like wyatt when he drinks. It’s one of my peeves.. so the kitchen bowls now have a fully laid out towel under them. And sometimes an extra towel in the entrance to the kitchen to catch his drips when he does this exact same thing. Luna again is the complete opposite in that I can hardly hear her drink, and she is dainty about it, she may just take 3 minutes. Wyatt would still take 3 minutes if we let him but be loud, sloshy, and drooly/drippy about it. One day I will probably wipe out from it, but let’s hope not πŸ˜‰

  2. Both of ours are super messy drinkers. Though there is a towel under their dishes, there is still always a trail as they walk away from that area. And if I’m lucky, they’ll find me and come wipe their mouths on my pants. Gonzo would fit right in!

  3. I actually cursed Jack yesterday when I stepped in his water bowl yesterday morning while wearing socks – and running late for the bus! Then I immediately felt bad, kissed his nose, gave him a treat, then rushed out the door (with shoes!) to find I had JUST missed the bus. Arugh!

    He’s a messy drinker, too. When he drinks, anyway πŸ™‚

    And what the heck is that water shooting out of? A gap in his teeth? A hole in the chin? What a sweet guy.

  4. Is he SQUIRTING WATER out of his nose???? WOW! That is prolly the most amazing talent EVER! I gotta try that. Won’t that be a big hit the next time my parents have a pawty?

    Wiggles & Wags,

  5. I’ll be honest – I didn’t see the water fangs until someone else pointed it out. No wonder there’s water everywhere!! Ha, ha, ha. Gotta love it!

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