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  1. ohmygoodness! they are so cute. we have two dogs and the closest they’ve come to snuggling is both of them laying in the same room. they play really well together but they just aren’t snugglers. boo.

    i’m hoping with easter around the corner gonzo bunny-ears will have some extra adoption luck!

  2. What better way to start a Friday morning than with adorable Gonzo-and-Chick pictures? Thanks for sharing, they are so frickin cute!

  3. Your dogs are ADORABLE! Chick seems like a completely sweet and accomodating big brother. Thanks for all you to do help out these foster dogs. I hope Gonzo finds a forever home soon!

    p.s. Stop making me want two dogs! We only have room for one!

    • Everybody says that 2 really isn’t that different from one….but then again as a shelter employee I think I have to say that!

  4. OMG. Come on. It doesn’t get any cuter. You are going to have to peel him off of Chick to hand over to his Forever Family!

  5. Okay, really, I think it’s very unfair of Chick and Available Gonzo Bunny Ears to continue to use up more than their quota of cute. At this rate, there will be none left for anyone else! On the other hand, it’s incredibly addicting to stop by every couple of days to see what adorableness has been posted since I last checked.

  6. OMG that is the cutest thing EVER!!! They are such cuddle buddiies!
    Its funny to think of a dog sleeping bag that would fit Darwin… it’d basically be a standard sleeping bag! heheh

  7. I agree with everyone else – this is the cutest thing ever. That last pic is the absolute best!! Thank you for brightening my day!

  8. Oh cuteness overload. I just saw that Chick has his arm around Gonzo in the last photo. So sweet. Would love to make one of these sleeping bags for my Trixie BullBunny. I just found your blog a week ago. Today my son is home sick so I’m getting to catch up on my reading.

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