the power picnic

we call it a power picnic, but the only thing that made it powerful — other than the french pastries from a new bakery downtown — was gonzo’s presence. just look how well he fits in with the boys.

not surprising, but Gonzo loves picnics. he loves being the center of attention, he loves laying close to his people, he loves watching birds and trees, and he loves vacuuming up the stray pieces of food that somehow keep appearing all over blankets when people sit around and eat.

he was seriously lustful over the cheese and the sausage that some friends brought to eat, but his biggest obsession at the picnic? a ziplock bag full of deviled eggs.

11 responses

  1. We can’t wait until it’s nice enough outside for picnic season in Chicago, but people have to realize how amazing it is that he can sit so nicely in the park. Miss M had to go through a lot of training–and we’re still working on it–because park’s can be so exciting and it can be so difficult to just lay nicely next to food. This should definitely rank up there in reason’s Gonzo is highly adoptable.

  2. Gonzo is the perfect picnic mascot. And wow, he is a lucky dog. Tommy would give anything to be in his place on that blanket coveting cheese and sausage and deviled eggs!

  3. Gonzo gets cuter and cuter. Love how the ears match the spots near his nose! Is he still growing or will he remain on the smaller side? He’s a very lucky dog – you’re so good to him!!

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