two-tongue heat wave

the weather man says it was only 76, but according to our dog tongue thermometer, it was hot this weekend.

chick’s heat indicator normally only registers when it’s in the mid 80s, but perhaps after a long winter, it’s a little uncalibrated.

gonzo’s indicator seems to have two settings. a tongue drooping straight out, for weather in the mid 70s and low 80s, and tongue flopped to the side, when it’s mid-80s or warmer. we got a glimpse of the side-flop heat a few weeks back, but hope that little Ears is in his forever-home before we hit those temps again!

12 responses

  1. I love how our pooches’ faces totally change when it’s hot; Miss M looks like a completely different breed. And I love how the boys are becoming BFFs right now. It takes talent to drink from the same bowl.

  2. Gonzo must have extra cooling capabilities with those super-sized ears. I kind of like when Levi is hot because it’s the only time he actually looks like he’s smiling.

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