timeless gonzo

the other day when mr. bunny-ears was lounging on our bed, he seemed somehow timeless – like he could have been of a different generation of dog.

a few weeks ago, we revealed to you gonzo’s heritage through his extremely authentic breed report. and yet, we always wonder with our dogs. what were their parents like? their grandparents? did they look alike? was their personality similar? where did Gonzo get his ears, and where did Chick get his extreme cuddliness? with rescue dogs, it’s always a beautiful mystery.

16 responses

  1. I love this photo of Gonzo on your bed – his body blends in with your bedding and then his ears just *pop*! I’m with Two Pitties in the City -this photo belongs in a magazine!

    We always wonder the same thing about Gus’s heritage. I’m adopted, so I guess Gus and I have something in common. We’re both a mystery. 🙂

  2. Make that 3 with Two Pitties – magazine, poster photo for sure. One thing I know for sure dealing with multiple and ever changing rescue dogs is to use time – first, they need time to de-tox from where ever they came: either a home like Cane RIP or feral like Monk. Only after they have had time during which I get to observe behavior, do I start to demand more of them using NILIF. Sit for a treat, sit for your meal – and then ‘Leave it” till I tell you you can eat (sometimes this can be hilarious; sometimes bordering on dangerous). I love way you describe getting to know rescue dogs as a mystery. I enjoy mystery. The past is past. Let’s work on the FUTURE! I counsel my adopters to allow time as well – for all. Great post. I always look forward to seeing Gonzo Bunny-Ears :).

  3. I’m getting more “sure” that Gonzo’s “bunny ears” are French bulldog ears, especially after watching a French bulldog tear around our dog park last week. I just stared, thinking, “Those are Gonzo’s bunny-ears!”

    And that is definitely a magazine-worthy shot! You could sell dogs or beds with that picture!

  4. I always wonder about our boys too, especially Neptune with all his scars. Before Levi was rescued off the streets, he sired puppies and we have been fortunate enough to meet one of them who is now an adult. According to his people, he is just like Levi in terms of temperament. It kind of makes me think Levi’s parents must have been aloof, moody, but oh-so-irresistible:)

  5. I like to imagine Tommy as a tiny pup, milking from his mom. I’m sure he elbowed all his pittie brothers and sisters away to make sure he got first dibs; he’s such a bully! It makes me a little sad that I didn’t get to see him then, but I love the way you put it: a beautiful mystery.

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