Mark of a wild night out

Notice anything new about Gonzo?

How about here?

The most perceptive of his friends may have noticed: Gonzo has a new tattoo!

You know those wild nights with a couple of new friends, where things get a little crazy and you wake up with a tattoo? Well Gonzo had such a night with these new friends.

Who is the friend responsible for the tattoo, you ask? It’s our chiminea, Chimmy.

Chimmy boldly rubbed against Gonzo’s back while he and his new canine friend were romping around on the deck, leaving a brick-colored tattoo made of red clay on his back.

Is it permanent? We don’t think so. But is it totally cute? Yes, it sure is.

More on his new canine friend later this week…

12 responses

  1. awww poor boy. Luna has very little fear of fire, I’m surprised this has not happened to her before, granted her exposure is limited.
    I bet Gonzo will have a new girlfriend come June… that’s if flash shares. you will have to keep me updated with pics on her. She will be missed.

  2. LOL, how cute is that! I’m lucky Koly is black or we’d constantly have stains from where he was rubbing his butt up against stuff. All dogs love a good but scratch, Mr Ears is no exception. Too bad the tattoo doesn’t say “Mom”.

  3. Well, you know, white IS so very hard to keep clean. With brindle furs, you can roll in horse poop and no one would ever know. Until they gets a whiff of you, that is.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  4. Anouk and Ziggy get red marks on the top of their heads from where I kiss them with my lipstick on. I don’t think they mind too much though šŸ™‚

    Could this new doggy companion be Gonzo’s new forever brother???

  5. Gonzo’s new “tat” makes him look rough and tough. (Not really…but don’t tell him that). He gets cuter and cuter.

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