Gonzo: big dog magnet

Big dogs — and big dog owners — love Gonzo. Especially pit bull types and their people. We think it’s because he is so pocket-sized but at the same time has the general look and feel of a bigger pit bull. He’s small but sturdy, adorable but tough. Fosterdad calls him a cinder block covered in fur.

Our hypothesis — and this is not very tested — is that many people own a big dog and would like another, but can’t quite picture their lives with two 60 or 80 pound pooches. These same good people sometimes cringe at the thought of a delicate little thing, seeing images of their big burly dog bowling their new adoptee over the first time they try to play. Enter Gonzo, the solution to both of these problems.

We have written much on Gonzo’s merits. He is an excellent picnic companion, a great car passenger, a superlative kitchen helper, and an ambassador for bunny-eared dogs far and wide. But we had not until recently calculated that he is the perfect small/large dog package, and therefore the perfect companion for a bigger pit bull type dog.

Gonzo has made several friends/possible siblings in his time with us. Each has been a pit bull type, and not one of them has weighed less than 55 pounds. Amazing? We think so.

Check them out, in order from smallest to biggest — from our very own darling 50-pound Chick, to beautiful 90-pound Laila, who is so big that she doesn’t even fit into the frame.

But wait! Could one of these gentle giants turn out to be Gonzo’s forever-sibling? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

18 responses

  1. eeee!! so excited for gonzo!! (well, hopefully!) love the ‘cinder block with fur’ haha!!

    i think your hypothesis is correct. we’ve got 60 and 70 pounders over here and if we ever get a third i would like him/her to be gonzo-sized. but i think we’re stuck at two for a while, if not forever. still trying to convince my husband that we should start fostering!

    can’t wait to hear the news!

  2. That’s too cute. I knew Gonzo was smaller, but I didn’t realize how small until I saw him in these photos. Pocket-sized bully. I like it. 🙂

    You are evil, keeping us in such suspense!

  3. That photo of Laila, too big to fit into the frame, is hilarious! I think you’re on to something with wanting the second dog to be smaller. Our foster Wilma was a pint-size pittie and I saw so many benefits of having the pitbull qualities, but just being a bit smaller.

    • Thanks! I loved that one too. I’m glad you appreciate it for the humor in it. I was trying to fit both dogs in, but with the lens I had on, I backed all the way up in our tiny kitchen and could not fit them both. Then I had my stroke of genius. 🙂

  4. Looking forward to the news! I absolutely loved all the recent posts and the photographs are amazing as always. (Especially love the shot of the light filtered through Gonzo’s ears)

  5. So excited to see if Gonzo found his forever sibling! Is huge Laila perhaps the presa canario you mentioned before? Can’t wait to read more and am so excited to see updated Lollie pictures!

  6. oh gonzo are’nt you just purrfect !!!! we are so excited to see about your new sibling!!! our kissy cousin down the street is a wee pibble too . we’ll post some pics of her soon just for you. you might like her .

    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  7. I so hope you have found Gonzo the perfect home and the perfect companion. I’ll be honest – I’ll be a little (okay – a lot) jealous of whoever it is that’s fortunate enough to have Gonzo in their lives – he’s just the most precious and adorable package of cuteness and love. Looking forward to reading more tomorrow!!

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