A letter to Gonzo in his new home

Dear Gonzo Bunny-Ears,

Thank you for being such a good boy and barely whimpering when I left you at your new home with your new people. I was so delighted to learn that you were not only a brave fellow, but quickly forgot about us after I left, just as I had hoped you would. After all, your new parents, C and J, are so wonderful, and your new sister Laila — a 95 pound presa canario — well, she’s just a dream. And I’m sure the milkbones helped too.

When I first heard from C and J and started corresponding with them over email, I thought they were too good to be true. And when they came to the adoption show with sweet Laila to meet you? I just about died from the cuteness of the two of you together. You probably don’t realize how small you are or how big she is, but Gonzo. She is almost three times bigger than you! 

Later in the week when they brought Laila over to our house for a play date, since you never did like the adoption shows very much, we were all nervous about how things would go. Would you like her? Would her rambunctious, boxer-like play style be too much for your tiny self? We already knew that you far prefer big dogs to small dogs, and that Laila always seeks out the little guys at the dog park, but still . . . would you be a match? By this time their application had checked out perfectly, so this was the last step, and the stakes were high! Your co-walk went fine, and the two of you even got to bond over near-simultaneous pooping, do you remember? You probably didn’t notice that Laila’s poops are almost as big as your head, did you. We also learned that you share an affinity for pooping multiple times on one walk — something that drives me and foster dad crazy.

Once we let you loose on the deck together, you did great. It is difficult to describe the joy I felt as I watched you sail through the air — seemingly in slow motion — to give your sister a good love-nip on the neck, and watched you both tumble to the ground, only to writhe on deck, side by side, two backs on the ground, eight paws flailing, two mouths open, and two tails beating on the wood planks in a hyper happy rhythm.

Gonzo, I hope you don’t forget all the things we talked about before you left. I hope you remember how to be a gentleman, and to let your new sister win games of tug-of-war now and then. I hope you are a good snuggling partner and don’t hog the very center of the bed like you so often did with your foster-brother Chick. I hope you remember to always pee outside and never inside, not even a little squirt now and then when you are exceptionally excited. And Gonzo, I hope you remember us. Not as your parents, but as some nice people who helped you make a graceful transition from your former life to your forever life.

And finally, Gonzo, you have touched our lives in an unexpected way. Just like the rest of the world, we have been hypnotized by your good looks and your bouncy, care-free attitude. We never thought we would see the day when a totally adorable, totally uncontroversial, tiny pocket-pittie would steal our hearts. We thought we were underdog people, and Gonzo, you are not and underdog. And to a large extent, we are still underdog people. But you have helped us realize that above all, we are dog people. Every dog has a story to tell and a special gift to share. Thank you for sharing yours with us. You have expanded our horizons, and we love you very much.

With eternal affection,

Fostermom and  fosterdad (and brother Chick, whose affection has surprised even himself, since he thought he could never love a dog smaller than his 50 pound self)

PS- here are a few photos of you, your sister, and your new parents — partly for you, partly for your fans.

PPS- the first photo is one of your foster mom’s favorite photos of all time.

35 responses

  1. sniff, sniff They look so ha-a-appy! We’re going to miss hearing his adventures, but he’s hit his jackpot. Thank you for being great foster parents! AND for letting his bunny ears be free!

  2. Aw, this post made me all teary eyed! Gonzo looks super happy in his new home. He and his new “sister” seem like a perfect match (although from your description of them… dare I say she may be his girlfriend instead?!).

  3. This post brought tears to my eyes. The photos brought a smile to my face! Gonzo’s new family is beautiful and sounds perfect. Gonzo was so, so lucky to have you – his foster parents – come into his life and give him unconditional love and warmth and comfort. And now he’s on to the next chapter of his life – and it sounds ideal. I hope we continue to see an occasional photo of Gonzo here and there. And I look forward to your next foster/rescue.

  4. Gonzo,
    We are SO unbelieveably happy for you! It sounds like you found the perfect home! You have a gorgeous new sister and you will have so much fun together.

    Slobbery kisses,
    Flash & Ollie

  5. I love it love it love it! I can’t imagine how hard it must be to say goodbye to these dogs you put so much love and effort into caring for, but thats what makes you guys amazing! So happy for Gonzo!

  6. I was a lot smarter this time and did not read your letter to Gonzo at work like I did with Lollie!! LOL! Happy tears yet again. I love the first pic too!! Laila is beautiful and I am sure Gonzo will have loads of fun playing with his new sis. Again, you guys are so amazing for doing this!

  7. A goodbye letter to a foster dog = guaranteed tears. Gonzo’s new home sounds perfect and lovely. I admire what you guys are doing so much!

  8. Awwww Gonzo has quickly become one of my favorite blogs. This made me happy and sad at the same time!!! But mostly happy for Mr. BunnyEars and his new home!!!

  9. What great news! You two really are very special people to realize that giving up a loveable dog allows you to save one more life. I’m looking forward to reading about your next rescue!

  10. Laila is just gorgeous, no wonder Gonzo gets along with her so well- she is just so darn pretty to look at. That looks like one complete family with Gonzo in it, well done foster family! I will miss Gonzo posts terribly but look forward to the next foster to follow.

  11. *Sniff-Sniff* …You sure have a way w/ words Aleksandra! What a beautiful letter to Gonzo as he starts his new life! Gorgeous pics too. Him, his new Sister & Mom & Dad look just awesome together. Will miss updates from Mr Bunny Ears, as much as I miss hearing updates about Lollie, but look forward to meeting the next lucky doggie to enter your wonderful foster home! Thanks for changing the world for the underdogs…one dog at a time! 🙂

    • Hey Starla, Look for a Lollie update next week. I have a playdate scheduled with her on Sunday! Thanks for your kind words and your support. We feel honored to be working with such generous, loving, and worthy creatures. Best, Aleksandra

    • Yeah, good point! Is he still Gonzo Bunnyears? I would be legitimately saddened to hear that that name didn’t stick…

      • they are pondering the first name question, but “gonzo” is in the running. they have promised that “bunny-ears” is staying as the middle name, and we all know that’s the most important part.

  12. Oh Mr Gonzo Bunny Ears, WELL DONE! I’m so happy you found a home and hope that your new humans will drop a note now and then to tell us how you’re going. Your new sister is Magnificent! Don’t worry – us big dogs are very placid [most of the time]. Have a great life Gonzo! 🙂 xox

  13. Oh I just about cried reading this. Little Gonzo totally captured my heart. Take good care of your sister and your new family Mr. Ears. Suck up all the love and happiness they have to share. You deserve the good life little buddy.

  14. What could be cuter than that? Of course, I’m a sucker for odd couple dogs, but seriously, could you have imagined a better fit for Mr. Ears? Congratulations!

  15. So happy for Mr Ears! His new family (esp BIG sis Laila) looks awesome! He was so lucky to have you as foster mom and dad. Cannot wait to see who your next foster is. I will keep in touch over email for sure!

  16. Now it’s my turn to be teary-eyed. I’m in awe of your commitment to fostering, even if it means watching a dog like Gonzo Bunny Ears find his forever family elsewhere. You’re doing some really special work – it keeps me inspired!

  17. What a sweet and happy ending for an adorable little guy. I love that he found a forever home so quickly and I now look forward to the next foster dog “tale”!

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