How Gonzo’s new mom tells it

Gonzo’s new mom was kind enough to write us a letter after they adopted the little man, telling us about their experience searching for him, finding him, and knowing that he was their One (well, their Other One). She sent us photos, too!

“Dear foster family,

Thank you so much for everything you have done for us and our newest addition. It was so important to us to have a well balanced, well behaved dog because of our other “little one” and you gave us just that.

Since the first day we got our first dog, Laila, we knew we would never own anything but large bullies/mastiffs from that point forward. There is just something so special about them. For the past few months we had been casually surfing the internet for rescue dogs. We wanted to rescue this time but were scared by accounts saying that they were a lot of work and would really need a strong leader and plenty of experience with difficult dogs who had gone through horrible situations in order to get the pet we wanted. We were also nervous about our Laila. She may look intimidating but she is just a goofy, gentle girl and what we consider an ambassador to her breed since we can’t go a day without someone either asking us what breed she is because she is so nice and pretty, or because they are scared of her. We are proud to say she can change the image of what a “bad” dog is. The last thing we wanted was to add an unbalanced or aggressive male to the picture that could adversely affect our girl.

So we continued to search for weeks for dogs that fit our criteria… “bully”, “mastiff”, “extra large”, “male”, “good with dogs”, “good with kids” etc. and we just weren’t finding dogs that really fit the bill. So, much to the chagrin of my husband (who was looking solely at 100+ lbs boys!), I started to search for smaller dogs. He eventually warmed up to the idea of having a smaller dog as long as we could stay with the bullies.

Then it happened. One day, after looking at large dogs for an hour or so I decided to uncheck the “size” box and there they were. Those glorious ears. They truly do have a special power! He was the cutest thing I had ever seen! I couldn’t wait to show Gonzo to my husband.  I was so worried because a dog that cute would for sure we gone in an instant. We read your blog, saw the pics and fell in love. He definitely had everything we wanted in a dog and felt that he had remained available for so long because he was meant to be with us. And if it were just the two of us, he would have been ours in a heartbeat! But there was someone whose opinion mattered more than ours, and she would have the final say.  And after giving the two a few chances to meet and some careful consideration we knew he was the one for all of us.

As far as integration goes it is honestly going better than I had anticipated. Even though it has only been a few days, I am sure we made the right decision for our small family. Gonzo is really smart and he listens to us very well. He won’t walk off too far if we drop the leash and doesn’t go running around the house if we tell him to stay with us. He has been super affectionate and attentive and been following all our rules. I started the training on lead with him today and he had his eyes on me the whole time. So great! Laila was not like that at all, but she was very young when we started working with her.

Laila wants to play a little rough inside but she hasn’t been trying too often today. They’ve had a few short off leash play sessions and they went great! Gonzo was teasing her because she just can’t keep up with him! He is airborne half the time!  Seeing Laila chase Gonzo the rocket around the backyard, him holding his own in a WWE style wrestling match, and the two of them napping side by side is the greatest feeling ever! The two like each other a lot, and I hope that once Laila learns to calm down and be cool around him, it will turn into love. 

And lastly we should do a DNA test for him just because I am now sure he has bunny in his blood. He doesn’t run around the yard, he hops, leaps and bounds. If I didn’t know any better I would think we had a really, really big bunny. He is constantly flying around and poor Laila does her best to keep up but she is just no match! 

Thank you so much again for the wonderful work you do. Your blog really helped us get past a lot of insecurities about adopting a dog. You gave Gonzo and will give other great foster dogs a safe place to rehabilitate and the best chance at finding a forever home.

❤ Gonzo, Laila, and their people”

AND a very important announcement from yesterday:

“We are going to rename him “Oswald”! His nicknames will include Ozzie, Oz, Bunny Ears, brown bottom, and who knows what else!

The back story to the name is the character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit . They have a couple of things in common… of course the fact that both of them are bunnies and lucky is important, but there is one more thing that I think ties them together.  Like I told you on Sunday he was Mickey Mouse’s predecessor. Due to legal issues and money Walt Disney left behind Oswald and soon created Mickey Mouse who of course is Disney’s flagship character. Now after decades of being in obscurity and forgotten he has been given a second chance just like our Ozzie! He is back with his Disney family and Gonzo/Ozzie is in his new family too!”

28 responses

  1. What a great letter!! I know it is sad when your fosters leave, but this letter proves that you are absolutely doing a wonderful thing. It seems like Gonzo or shall I say Ozzie was meant to be with this family. The pictures are great. You have to be beaming today!

  2. Oswald/Ozzie/Gonzo/Mr. Bunny Ears looks so happy with his new family. He has hit the jackpot these past few months. Love the picture of his new daddy napping while the pups rest up. And looks like Laila will be getting a lot of exercise with her new brother. I’m so, so happy for all of you!!! Hope we get to see more pics in the future!!

  3. This is so magical. It’s a brave and wonderful thing you and foster dad are doing.
    Here’s to you and to Gonzo/Ozzie.

    Looks like Gonzo loves his new backyard! Lots of space for a bunny to roam.

  4. Love the story behind the new name! I know Oswald is going to have the best time in his new home with a family that worked very hard to find the right little guy for them. Congratulations again to all, including Laila. Thanks for sharing the letter!

    You must be so thrilled!

  5. Wow. What a great story. What a happy ending/beginning. I’m in awe of you wonderful foster folks. What a gift you give to the dogs and to the families that adopt them. Gonzo looks so happy with his new BIG sister. Yay!! You all made my day.

  6. Ozzy’s smile in the one where he and Laila are running says it all! He is so happy and thankful for both the wonderfosters and his new family and it really shows!

  7. Hooray for Gonzo Bunny Ears and his new family. I will miss reading about his adventures. Maybe his new mom and dad will continue to update everyone. What a lucky boy (and mom, dad and sister, too).

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this with your readers. I fell in love with Gonzo/Oswald months ago and looked forward to your posts. When I saw he had been adopted my first reaction was purely selfish – I was going to miss him. How crazy is that? I hope it’s a testament to what a great job you did sharing his story and his character. Of course, mostly I am thrilled he gets a permanent family and this family just seems so perfect for him. So, big thanks to you and to them – and of course to Oswald.

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