confessions of a serial drooler

My name is TANK, and I drool. Sometimes I drool a lot, and sometimes I drool a little. And sometimes — rarely — I am even caught not drooling at all. Sometimes I drool while running around. Sometimes I drool while I am in a restful slumber. Sometimes I drool to express how exciting life is.  Sometimes I drool because I am hot. Sometimes I drool to show off my impressive jowls. Sometimes I drool to see how long of a ribbon I can make. Sometimes I drool to show how happy I am to see you. Sometimes I drool to tell you that I would like to eat whatever you are holding. And sometimes, I just drool.

Sometimes when I drool, I leave a little puddle on the ground. Sometimes, I leave streaks. Sometimes when I drool, I smoosh a little bit of it onto my foster mom’s outfit, like a lipstick kiss left on her cheek by her grandma. Sometimes when I drool, I make an avant-garde drippy pattern on the deck, like a Jackson Pollock painting. Sometimes I do a more traditional pattern, like a Monet. Sometimes I keep my drool hanging, in case I need it at a later time. Sometimes I shake my head and leave decorative little ribbons on the wall. Beautiful, classy little ribbons. Singing, dancing little ribbons. Shimmery, happy little ribbons. They’re how I express who I am.



22 responses

  1. Believe it or not Luna drools more than I have seen from most Vizslas… Especially if outside running and sniffing with few water mouth wash downs. I love both shots, great lighting and composition. Not much you can do about the drool, maybe teach him to go get you a towel? I always said I would do that if I had a dog that drooled a lot.
    Happy Wednesday

  2. My black GSD Llyr is a HUGE drooler .. the kind where the kids SCREECH and yell GO AWAY LLYR… my favourite is when he is running around drooling and goof that he is, ends up with drool festooned all over his head and nose … lovely – and you know what? I kiss him anyway!

  3. So funny! Luckily our pitties aren’t usually big droolers, but if you’ve got a good meal in front of you they’ll start! Molly (the GSD) has always been quick to drool too. I know all about having drool mashed into your pants or shirt…

  4. Dear TANK,

    I’m known to be quite the drooler, too. Don’t ever feel bad about doing it either! I leave puddles whenever I wait for my kong. I leave a trail across the kitchen floor after getting a drink. I even have some pretty, shiny ribbons super high on the walls almost to the ceiling.

    Us droolers gotta stick together!

  5. Gotta love those big, drooly dogs!

    Shiva only drools when she thinks she’s getting something to eat. It’s so funny and always makes me feel bad for her so I give her whatever it is she wants. Very sneaky, I think.

    Tank has the cutest drool I’ve ever seen.

  6. Drool is the sign of the most awesome of jowls. And Tank has handsome jowls. Jowls are the best. Plus, the purpose of jowls are to collect drool and slobber so that it might be distributed at a moments notice on the nearest and dearest object.

  7. I always love your photos but that portrait of Tank at the top blew me away. If I wasn’t planning to downsize my home soon, I would buy that photo and put it on the biggest wall in the house. Excellent!

    Look forward to reading all about Tank’s drooly adventures.

  8. BAH!! We had a Brazilian Mastiff at one point that used to leave shoelaces on the ceiling. His crate was near the glass slider in the kitchen and cleaning off the drool became a daily ritual. One shake and you had to duck and cover. Silly boy. I understand completely.

    Nyxie only drools at mealtimes thank goodness 😉

  9. Love the pictures! And the descriptions are so vivid, I feel like I got some of TANK’s drool on me!! My Norman (corgi) leaves quarter-size puddles of drool all over the hardwoods when there’s food coming (his or mine!). I’m wondering what Laila thinks of her new foster brother. Can’t wait to hear.

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