TANK’s ancestry comes to light

We have made a critical and shocking discovery about TANK’s lineage. It appears that he is part lion. He is so liony that we are amazed, actually, that we had not realized it before. His coloring, the way he moves his body, those cute too-short ears, the enormous paws, the furrowed brow, the graceful lankiness of his muscular frame — it’s all lion.ย Just look at this striking comparison.

But before you start running off to hide your children and your groceries, an important distinction: Our lion is a very friendly, teenaged lion. He is no pride leader, our lion. He is no stealthy, ruthless hunter, our lion. He is just a sweet, goofy, lanky teenager of a lion.

And there is even more to the story than this. We believe him to be the reincarnation of a very specific, famous, friendly lion from history: Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz. For example: just like his ancestor, TANK is a big softie who is quite timid. He is scared of water hoses, stairs make him nervous, and the sound of sirens makes him whimper. When the little 15 pound dogs in our neighborhood bark at him from behind their fences, he ducks his head down and tries to cross the street to get farther away from them and their meanness. In fact, here is a photo me and my friends comforting him after the little maltese down the street almost made him cry:

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  1. Goodness! What a propensity you have for fostering seemingly “normal” dogs who turn out to be trans-species: Gonzo and his Bunny DNA and now Tank TANK mixed with Lions: cougar, African and literary. The drool surely comes from the dog side of TANK, eh? LOL.

  2. You’re right – he’s definitely got that cool lion stare down as well! We have a “non-American” Staffordshire Bull Terrier. They are wonderful dogs. Ours doesn’t have the same stature as TANK though.

    Thanks for a great blog! I love reading your stories about the dogs.

  3. Dear Tank,

    It’s nice to meet you. I don’t think you look like a pussy at all [even a big one] and you shouldn’t let your humans tell you you do. Repeat after me…you are a proud D.O.G! and SCARY! Especially to littledogs, so have no fear!

    Okay. That’s it for now. Love, Georgia xox

    p.s. Your human looks a lot like Dorothy. Do you think she knows?

  4. Very interesting discovery, I see it. At least he is not the one barking at other dogs right? Heaven knows people would take that wrong. Is he like that with all dogs or just little ones? Maybe he doesn’t quite know what to make of little dogs, or that he doesn’t know what they are. Just an idea
    Have a great day

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  6. Just remember, TANK, the cowardly lion was brave when he needed to be ๐Ÿ™‚ And being lion-hearted is a good thing, just ask King Richard. xox

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