and in the blink of an eye . . .

. . . he was adopted! It all happened so fast, our heads are still spinning. There is one thing that is clear, though: TANK and his new daddy are meant to be. Let me explain.

Before TANK came into our home, he had been living at doggie daycare for a few weeks, playing with his friends. He caught the eye of an employee, who thought TANK would be the perfect companion for his good buddy, D. ย But D had recently had to put his dog — a 10 year old Cane Corso — down due to cancer, and wasn’t sure if he was ready for a new friend just yet. So D never came to meet TANK at doggy daycare.

Fast forward a few weeks. We are headed out of town for the weekend, and need somebody to take TANK for the weekend. The rescue group that we worked with for him, Lucky Dog, arranges weekend fosters, but sometimes has a harder time finding a placement for pit bulls because of the all-too-common breed bans in apartments. The day before we left, a plea goes out to all volunteers — including those who work at the doggy daycare where TANK had lived — for a weekend foster for TANK. And wouldn’t you know? TANK’s daycare buddy passed the opportunity along to D. We imagine that he pitched it as a no-strings-attached way to test out TANK and see if he felt ready to adopt.

We didn’t know it at the moment, but by time we showed up at D’s house with TANK, D had pumped himself up. One look at TANK, bumbling lazily down the street with me, and D was in love. He shook my hand, looked at TANK, and said (of the muscular, 65-pound, giant-headed, lion of a pit bull by my side) “He’s not that big!” and patted him affectionately on the side. He bashfully told us he was thinking about applying to adopt him, and would let us know. Foster dad and I maintained our professional faces, but silently cheered. A few hours later I emailed to check in, and D admitted he was “very interested” and that TANK was “already making himself at home.” So the next morning we made our way into the mountains for a short backpacking trip, and TANK and D made their way into each other’s hearts. By the time we returned from our trip, it was a done deal. They were in love.

Selfishly, we are a little sad about how quickly it all happened and that we didn’t have more time to get to know our big marshmallow TANK, but we couldn’t be more thrilled for TANK and his new daddy D.

Here is a little note we got yesterday from D:

“When Tank first came into the house, he immediately grabbed a slipper, and enjoyed me chasing him around to retrieve my footwear. Eventually the chase ended, and I was able to relax on the couch. While I was laying there, Tank jumped up on the couch, plopped himself down on my chest, and went to sleep. Aside from trying to chew on my shoes, he is a good-natured dog. He doesn’t bark at all, enjoys being around people, and likes other dogs. When we’re sleeping on my bed during the night, he insists on snuggling up to me as close as possible, which should come in handy when it gets colder again. ย Before I met you and Tank, I was close to adopting another dog from a different group. It’s amazing how things turned out, and I could not be happier.”

If we’d had the time to write about all of the endearing things about him, each of you would have fallen in love with him too. For example, we didn’t get to tell you about how TANK is not only part lion, but also part hippo:

And how he was absolutely terrified the first time I took him down to our neighborhood creek, insisting on climbing the boulders among the water so he didn’t have to put his paws in:

And how he could quietly lay for what seemed like hours and chew on a nylabone:

And how he is so wiggly that it’s hard for him to keep still, but when you invite him into your lap, he will lay patiently forever while you pet him:

TANK passed through our home in the blink of an eye, but we will always have him in our hearts. His oversized, oafish, gentle self is the perfect example of what a big, soft baby a pit bull can be, and we’ll be forever grateful for the time we got to spend with him. And we’ll be forever cleaning the happy, dancing ribbons of drool that he left on the walls.

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  1. It was the wisdom of his eyes! He had the world in them. Plus who could resist the Jowls? They have power.

  2. wow, what a nice holiday weekend event. I think you set a new record for fastest adopted foster. Who on earth will you bring in next or are you all taking a break? Most pits usually don’t like water, one of ours in training right now took right to it though as a means to cool his poor self off.

    Glad tank for such a great home, sounds like the guy has plenty of experience too.

      • When I read “please excuse tybos” I totally cracked up. That just made my morning. I always end up typing the strangest things when I am texting – darn those touchscreen phones! ๐Ÿ™‚

        Congrats to Tank and his new owner – such a wonderful end to the *very short* story of Tank!

      • it’s a little inside joke for me and foster dad. first, it’s a typo, which is funny already, but then also, tybo is one of our dog chick’s nicknames, which makes it extra special to us ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. What wonderful news! Congratulations to TANK! and his new dad. Sometimes these things are just meant to be.

  4. That was super fast! I think it was better than D met Tank after he was in your house for a while. It’s hard to see what dogs are like in daycare.

    I like working with Lucky Dog. The overnight foster program is great for people like me who want to help but can’t take a full-time foster dog.

  5. YAY for TANK! That’s so great! I know it was fast, but it just means he gets to spend that much time in his forever home – so wonderful!

  6. I thought this is what you were alluding to yesterday. I knew no one could just keep Tank for a little while and suspected this weekend foster may have turned into something more.

    Congratulations to them both! I can’t believe it happened so fast but it sounds like Tank has already made himself at home!

  7. WOW!! I have to say I didn’t see that one coming! But how great is that for TANK and his new daddy, D?! Sounds like love is in the air. Now Chick can get ready to greet another foster brother/sister. What you’re doing is amazing…’re making a difference. More than most people can say!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Wahoo! Though I am little sad we didn’t get more time to read about him I am so so happy for him, I can’t wait to meet your new foster!

  9. Wow! That was so fast! I never really felt like I got to know TANK, but I loved what I knew! We’re so happy he found his forever home and can’t wait to see who comes in next.

    Flash and Ollie

  10. The secret to getting great dogs adopted:

    Write wonderful stories that show off their endearing traits? check
    Take amazing photographs? check
    Spread the word online? check
    Take a weekend getaway? –who’da thought?

    Can’t wait to meet your next foster. And I’m really happy for Tank and his new best friend.

  11. I’m so happy for TANK! What a wonderful thing you did! I wanted to keep reading about him but, as said above, you do have the magic touch and we all wish happy endings for all the orphan doggies out there!

  12. Wow! It’s amazing how fast the universe works sometimes. Like you said, it was meant to be.

    It was fun getting to know you, TANK. And it makes perfect sense that you’re part lion and part hippo, you wild wonderful beast. Congrats on your new home!

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