tongue slinger

Seeing as Stevie Wonder is such a petite little lady, you might be tempted to think that she couldn’t possibly have very much tongue. After all, where in the world would she keep it?

Unfortunately– and as you can see in the above photo– your logic would be very faulty. You see, Stevie Wonder’s tongue might be her special magic power. Like Gonzo Bunny-Ears’ bunny ears!

And just like how Gonzo’s bunny ears saved a similar bunny-eared dog, I bet that before we send Miss Stevie off to her forever-home, her magic power will save a similarly tongue-slinging dog from a local shelter!

21 responses

  1. Great photos, they show her personality well. Does she drool much? Does she ever have trouble repositioning her tongue in her mouth? I know Luna does after she has been napping, it’s pretty funny. How does Chick like her?
    Have a great tuesday

    • No, that’s the funny thing: she doesn’t drool at all. She doesn’t even lick, except a stray little kiss now and then. But she is very stingy with all human-related tongue activity. I consider that to be a good thing! She is quarantined so she and Chick are not hanging out yet. I will write about this later in the week. Happy Tuesday to you too!

  2. If I didn’t know better I would think that you broke out some Photoshop magic on that thing! It’s pretty intense!

  3. Holy moly! That tongue is probably good at scooping up all sorts of goodies.

    And I love the close up look at her beautiful brindle fur!

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