a tour of stevie’s signature features

well hello my cherie amours,

i thought i’d take a minute to point out some of my most charming signature features. first, did you know that i have a tail so much like a greyhound’s, that it helps me to run very fast?

and did you realize that the tippy tip of my tail is painted white, which helps me to wiggle and waggle it with a painter’s flourish?

and did you even realize that i have a thin little stripe right down my face, which helps me tell right from wrong left?

and finally, my mom says that i have such a big presence, that when she and i take self-portraits together, i very nearly push her straight out of the frame!

i hope you liked my tour of myself!

love, Stevie Wonder

20 responses

  1. Stevie Wonder – you are one of a kind! Love all your special features – it’s what makes you….YOU!! And don’t forget to tell everyone what a good typist you are!!

  2. That was a super awesome Tour of You, Stevie! I likes your tail. I don’t have a tail. Just a nubbin. If I did have a tail, I wonder if it would look like yours? Oh, and besides our Most Beautiful Brindle Furs, we also have that white nose stripey in common, too! I wonder if you’re my sister from another mother?

    But what I like best of all abouts you is your BIIIIIG PRESENCE! Most Impressive!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  3. Oh, Stevie. I absolutely adored your tour of yourself! But you forgot to mention those beautiful white teeth of yours. I can see them because of your big, beautiful smile.

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