indoor/outdoor personality

One thing we love about our Stevie Wonder is what a good indoor/outdoor personality she has. Whichever the setting, it’s like she instantly adapts and brings her A-game. Indoors, her A-game involves lots of cuddling, playing quietly with toys, and following us around to observe our household activities. She has even taken to a favorite (camoflauge!) chair, where she goes to lay down after she has visited each of the dog beds scattered throughout the house:

But outside? Outside she is no couch potato. She walks nicely and calmly on leash, but when it’s time to go play in the yard, our Stevie-girl is like a little torpedo. She bolts across the deck and down the stairs in excited anticipation, and immediately starts hunting for the nearest fetchable– whether it be a stick or a ball. She picks it up so quickly that sometimes she has to go potty with it in her mouth before triumphantly prancing around the yard for a minute and bouncing back over to drop it at our feet.

Of course we know the difference between indoor and outdoor behavior, but how are some dogs — like Stevie Wonder — so darn smart?

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  1. I love hearing that Stevie is adapting so well. Whoever gets to provide this “little” girl with her forever home will be so, so lucky. Thank you for being her angel!!!

  2. Ah, and an even better question… when dogs know indoor vs. outdoor behavior, why do some choose to ignore said appropriate behavior? *coughlunacough* no but really she is good overall, I can’t fault her for being excited to see me, and she is a couch potato inside… take for example now, she is napping, and will continue to for the next couple hours.
    So it sounds like Stevie is pretty darn adoptable now, and a lovely example of the breed. Does she have any kinks you are still working out besides the Bordatella? There has to be something that complicates her adoption, then again i was shocked Gonzo took as long as he did.
    Have a great wednesday

  3. The perfect pooch! My Rufus is very similar – indoors, he’s all mellow and slow-moving. However, nothing gets him more excited than some outdoor playtime.

  4. Great job Stevie on knowing the difference between inside & outside behavior. Now what are the chances that you would come & teach Pauley? He has his backwards.

  5. Good question! I’ve thought about it before, too. I think they are inundated with all the smells and excitement of “the wild”… What a wonderful thing those snooters must be!

  6. She sounds a lot like Miss Molly! Though Molly can get a bit excited playing with her loofah pups and will sometimes shove the couch backward for more space šŸ™‚

  7. It took Shiva two years to learn how to tell the difference! And even then she often forgets herself. Stevie sounds like a very special girl in that respect. I love that photo of her with the stick. She looks thrilled with herself. šŸ™‚

  8. my little Bailey could be her kid brother! he was in foster care for two years with 4 other dogs, and i think he only got little crumbs of affection and attention from his very busy, slightly overwhelmed, extremely well-intentioned foster family. 4 years later and he sheepishly looks at me as he s-l-o-w-l-y climbs up onto the couch and curls up in the corner. outside he is a whippet in a pittie costume! Miss Stevie Wonder has got it goin’ on!

  9. She’s a smart girl. Koly still hasn’t mastered “indoor” behavior. Every now and again he will be overcome with the zoomies and tear the place up. Miss Stevie is clearly a model canine citizen.

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