tongue slinger extreme

Whew! We thought we had a tongue-slinger on our hands last week when we posted these, but Stevie Wonder has taught us what the combination of summertime and happiness really looks like.

Just look at that tongue. Do you think we can get her a high-paying job using that thing? Perhaps washing dishes? Cleaning ears?


25 responses

  1. She would make an excellent fly swatter, like a frog.

    How does she fit that tongue in her mouth??? 🙂

  2. That guy from Kiss got lots of jobs because of his tongue! 🙂
    But I like yours a whole lot more!!!! And I am now one of your biggest fans!

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    • Stevie Wonder is a pit bull mix — Her DNA results are attached. Hope this helps, and congrats on your rescue!

      • Thanks so much for the info! He’s a little bit smaller than Stevie Wonder, but wow they really do look alike. We’re excited to get to know him more. So far he has been a great dog.

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