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Yesterday you probably asked yourself — what is that gorgeous yellow collar that Stevie-girl is wearing? And that handmade tag, with all its hammered goodness — you want one of your own. Am I right?

Oh wait — what’s that? You didn’t notice? Well don’t worry friends, here’s another look at Stevie in her new outfit. Stunning, right?

Over the past few days, she has had a virtual makeover. Not only did she have a manicure (done by mom), but she got a brand new, handmade collar from Sirius Republic, and a new handmade tag from Poochy Couture.

She feels like a lucky girl, and like the envy of the whole neighborhood. And with an outfit like this, can you blame her?

Can you even stand the cuteness?

Sirius collars are handmade using cotton fabric (many, many patterns to choose from), nylon webbing for strength, and sturdy metal hardware. The fabric is protected with a stain repellant so they can stay clean and fresh longer and get cleaned easily. Stevie’s is a 1.5″ collar, but there are different widths for different dogs. Poochy Couture tags come in different shapes, sizes, and colors too, but are all handcrafted and stamped with love. We are thrilled with both new pieces!

A number of our friends also have handmade tags and several also have Sirius Republic collars, including beautiful Great Dane Darwin, and charming fellow pitties Miss M and Mr B.

Thanks for the beautiful wares, Sirius and Poochy. You’ve made Stevie Wonder feel like the pampered superstar that she deserves to be!

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  1. Beautiful! Reminder to self: make sure mommy looks at this today and considers ordering a new collar for me…I could use something a little more girly so that people don’t think I’m a boy! Just because I’m dark and muscular doesn’t mean I can’t have a feminine side to me too! I love reading about all of your adventures Stevie!

  2. Great choice for Miss Stevie! Do people ever mistake her for a boy? I don’t know HOW to prevent this even with my petite girl Luna. Who wears a purple collar! Drives me bonkers. I want to get her some nice tags but I rotate collars so often I probably would lose them. I tried to get one of those clips for the tags but it doesn’t fit on the D ring. I better figure it out before I start making her some collars, I have picked out sale fabrics just because it would look good on her. Sad right?
    Stevie back to eating well?

  3. she looks great! i love the fabric you chose! i’ve got a girl dog that looks like a boy too, even her eval at the shelter called her masculine. (and whoops she has an aqua collar)

    we’ve made a little tradition of going into those froo-froo dog shops while on vacation and picking out collars. basil has had one from aspen and currently, boston. lola just got a new one from the outer banks. we don’t *always* bring one back, as they last forever but it’s kind of fun.

    i loved the hammered texture on stevie’s tag! she’s so chic.

  4. We love our Sirius Republic collars, though I fear I’m developing a serious addiction. We also like how Sirius is so supportive of pit bulls and pit rescues and gives back to the bully community. I know Stevie will be getting a lot of attention with her new duds!

  5. Love her new collar! Stevie looks like a brand new girl – so chic!

    I’ve been contemplating new ones for Turk and Rufus … the skull and crossbones one would look so cute on them!!

  6. The collar is perfect for Stevie Wonder! And she looks so happy…what a transformation this girl has undergone. Lucky girl to be with such wonderful foster parents.

  7. Stevie looks great! I’ve been checking out Sirius Republic too for new collars for the pitties. They have so many great options it’s hard to choose!

    • Yeah, lucky for us, the selection that fit our criteria (girly but not too girly, and not preppy) was fairly small, so we only took a day or two to pick. Good luck!

  8. WOWEE! That is some super stunning beautifulness right there. And the collar and tag are way awesome, too! Stevie looks awfully proud to be wearing such cool duds. I think yellow really shows off her Most Magnificent Brindle Furs. I’m gonna have to get mom to check those places out!

    Wiggles & Wags,

    • Mayzie, you should get the same one, since we are so twin-like in our beautiful brindle furs! I even do your ears sometimes when I’m real excited or when I’m hanging out on my back (like in yesterday’s post)!

  9. She is a beautiful girl in yellow! How it “that walking thing” going? I think of all of you often in regard to that and just wondered if she is now willing to walk with dad? especially after all the river and stick fun they had together!

    • Thanks Suze! I like that one too, but that never would have occurred to me . . . the chewed-up filthy baseball is very “Stevie” but the serious expression — I just don’t think of her that way. She is such a goof in real life!

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