On foster dog outfits

Be honest: you’ve noticed Snickerdoodle’s handsome outfit, right?

The Dude is sporting the Sirius Republic chain martingdale collar in Candy Apple. Don’t it make him look like a supermodel? We think so, and so does he.

We first learned about Sirius Republic on the blogosphere, and ordered our first Sirius Republic collar for foster dog Stevie Wonder last July. That’s all it took, and we were hooked. We since have picked out Sirius Republic collars for Little Zee, Curious Georgia, Dora the Explorer, and now Snickerdoodle.

We have so much fun picking out a pattern and collar style that matches each dog — there are so many to choose from. It feels like a fun way to enhance their very individual personalities, beyond just our words and photos on the blog. We also love sending the beautiful, sturdy, hand-crafted collars on to each dog’s forever-home with them, as a little bridge between their past and their future.

The Dude’s collar is our first chain martingdale, which we first spied at our hike in California with Sirius’ own Jen and  Chilly the Elderbull, who was wearing her own lovely version. We love that it has a little bit of a lighter appearance than the classic martingdale, and the chain makes a bit of a sound when it tightens and loosens, which is helpful for some dogs in learning loose leash walking. The Dude likes it because he thinks the chain is a nice manly offset to the pinkish-and-cream collar.

We got Doodlebug’s duds in the mail shortly after he arrived in our home, and we all adored it right away. He gets so many compliments on it when we’re out and about that he has asked the good folks at Sirius to mail him some business cards for him to share with his admirers!

Over the months, we have developed a much more personal relationship — dare I say friendship– with Jen at Sirius Republic. But she has been so kind and generous to us since the start. She has given us — and other foster families — discounts for foster dog collars, and even mailed us Dora the Explorer’s collar as a special surprise gift that took our breath away.

Just now we’re embarking on a partnership with Sirius Republic for a new, very exciting promotion –including a fun, interactive game — with Doodelbug’s rescue. Stay tuned for an announcement on the Love-A-Bull blog later in the week!

And click here to check out Sirius Republic’s stunning line of outfits!

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23 responses

  1. I bought Chloe a martingale collar (traditional/no chain) upon rescuing her and she gets tons of compliments on it when we’re at the dog park. I tell everyone where I got it – hopefully it has generated some business for them. The quality is superb – I plan to order another in the very near future. Snickerdoodle looks very handsome in his!!

  2. I love the tradition you started of sending off your fosters with a Sirius collar….I was excited to be able to do that for Ginger Rogers but I am not sure Ginger, Jr. will be around long enough to get one! 🙂 Turk and Rufus did just receive their first Sirius collars a couple weeks ago and I posted about those today on my blog!

  3. We love, love, love our Sirius Republic collars!! All 3 of ours got them for Christmas and my “brother” (parent’s dog) got one too!! Though, with all the new prints coming out, it’s hard not to keep buying more!! There’s always a nice Valentines Day gift.

  4. We would love to get a new collar for every foster, but sometimes they’re adopted before we could even order one! Mom has been thinking about it for Lexie, since we know she’ll be with us for at least 2 weeks.

    • What a lucky problem to have! If we run across this, we will probably have to rethink our Sirius collars approach, or maybe order a few that we can rotate among our fosters as they come and go . . .

  5. Your earlier blog post about Sirius led us to get a blue bandana print martingale collar for our Humane Society boy, Blue. And, naturally, we had to get his name embroidered on it! Thanks for promoting such a great company and for sharing all of your fostering adventures!

    • You might want to hold off for a few days — I have something special brewing involving some stunning new designs . . .

  6. Such a handsome boy in his handsome collar. I’ll have to see if we can get those here in Australia!

    I just want to say that I love your blog….I’m so glad I found you. We have just recently started dog fostering ourselves, and it’s opened up a whole world of love that I didn’t even know existed! You write so well, and your photos…..well, lets just say I’m incredibly jealous!! 🙂

    Well done and I look forward to reading many more!


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