the “I love you” flip

There is a clear and comical relationship developing between dear foster Stevie Wonder and our own Sir Chick, in which Stevie oscillates between being the annoying and hyper little sister that can’t stop bugging her big brother to play, and the pathetic lovestruck girl pining away after her heartthrob crush, shamelessly throwing herself at him hoping for the slightest bit of affection. This is perhaps easiest to see in photos. Here is a typical sequence that repeats itself a hundred times a day at Casa Fosterfamily.

Everybody is happy, hanging out in the living room while fostermom works:

Chick decides to take a nice, peaceful, drool-filled nap while Stevie stares at him, unblinkingly, with an intense affection bordering on obsession:

Chick is roused from his restful slumber by Stevie’s intense stare:

In that weak moment of just-wokenness, Chick succumbs to Stevie’s pleas and stumbles over to her to offer his nose for a quick lick by her eager tongue:

It’s all too much for her. She performs the “I love you” flip:

Watch out Chick, here comes the death claw of affection:

A couple of love-punches later, Chick’s headed for the door:

And poor Stevie-girl is left alone in her Stevie-chair to contemplate:

For more info on adopting Stevie Wonder, click here or contact us at DCpetographer [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  1. I love this photo series! Sir Chick cracks me up, playing the aloof older male whilst toying with Little Miss Stevie Wonder! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Poor Chick – he’s just too handsome for his own good!! Stevie just can’t resist…..and who can blame her! Looks like she’s really coming into her own – so nice to see.

  3. So funny, and so great to see them together. Though Stevie may need a few pick-up tips–not so sure about the punching. I do love that first photo of Chick where he’s sitting there kind of like “hey, what’s up”.

  4. Chick is just too handsome for his own good!! Growing up with three older brothers, I know it took me awhile to learn that “love punching” my crushes was NOT the way to their hearts….hopefully Stevie figures it out faster than I did!

  5. I love how Chick isn’t the least bit impressed by her flip!
    I notice she’s still tethered – are you doing that just because she annoys him or do they not quite get along all the time? I feel like I remember Chick and Gonzo snuggling up a bit pretty quickly, is it taking longer for Chick to warm up to Stevie?

    • Good questions. Things moved quickly with Gonzo because his social skills were VERY refined. He took cues very well from other dogs, so he knew not to constantly bodyslam Chick with his love, even though he would have preferred to play. Stevie was in isolation from kennel cough and then her spay for about 6 weeks, so we did no dog-dog work at all during that time. It has only been about 2-3 weeks since she has been cleared of all those issues, so that contributes. She also is not as perceptive as Gonzo was, plus she’s much younger (we think she’s between 1 and 1.5, whereas Gonzo was around 3

  6. Little Stevie Wonder just wears her heart on her sleeve, doesn’t she?

    You just keep trying Stevie. Sir Chick will eventually be won over by your goofy charm.

  7. I used to think that all dogs innately knew how to read and respond to other dogs’ social cues, but now I realize dogs, like humans, vary greatly in their levels of knowing how to get along with others. Good boy, Chick, for being such a patient teacher and foster brother. I don’t blame Stevie for fawning on him–he’s just too handsome to leave alone!

  8. Molly is pretty good at picking up social cues, which is good and bad. Good because she tends to match another dogs energy level ie her brother Gunnar sleeps, she sleeps. Bad because she tends to match another dogs energy level ie Janie wants to wrestle and play bitey face for three hours, Molly is totally game. Stevie and Chick are just too stinking cute, and who can blame her for being completely enamoured with him! How is Stevie doing in the potential adopter’s department, much interest?

    • Not much yet. The sad thing is, there are about a bazillion dogs who look exactly like Stevie, so people don’t flock to her like they did to Lollie and Gonzo. And she gets VERY carsick, so we have not taken her out on the town much since it’s such a burden for her, poor girl. But I’m sure the right person will come along soon though!

  9. Our two dogs do the “I love you” flip to each other all the time. What a great name for it – ‘I love you’ flip. Fantastic.

    These excellent pictures tell a heartwarming story.

  10. Oh, Stevie, don’t ever lose that lovin’ way. You will make someone as happy as Stella makes me! What Stevie needs is a momma or dad who gets a little down sometimes, so that her clowning will keep them happy no matter what. You can’t be sad when that bundle of smiles and waggles greets you at the door.

  11. If Stevie and Frankie ever got together they’d probably be doing synchronised love flips as I think it would be love at first sight:) He does the same thing to Beryl but she doesn’t reciprocate, lol.

  12. How very pathetically sad and sweet all at the same time! We see this play out at our house, too. Generally it’s all accompanied by a series of half-hearted growls and grumbles. So bittersweet.

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