Block Party!

After Stevie and I went running yesterday evening, we had to rush home and clean up fast — me with a shower, Stevie with a check in the mirror and a quick spray of binaca in her mouth — because a very special visitor was coming over to take our lady for an evening stroll.

As she is known to do, she impressed him with her most polite, modest, and feminine of behavior:

After that ladylike display, we were off.

We rounded the corner, and what did we discover? A block party! With all our favorite neighborhood friends, including our good pals who have been taking Stevie for daytime adventures while we toil away at work.

For her new special friend, Stevie showed off a move that Chick has taught her, using her neighborhood buddy Amanda as a prop: the “Hard To Get”

And it worked. He was smitten. But in the end, her tongue told him all he really needed to know about the reciprocity of her feelings:

Stay tuned . . .



40 responses

  1. Is Stevie finding a forever after family? Oh how I wished I lived closer. With each post, my heart swells more and more for Stevie. May she find her forever family soon. (Thank you so much for caring for her, in the meantime.)

  2. Fingers crossed for Stevie!! She and her potential “dad” appeared to be very comfortable and relaxed with each other. And that tongue – lol. Can’t wait to hear more. PS: Chick is a great foster brother…

  3. I thought I warned Stevie about tongue on a first date!!!! Oh well, I guess this boy must have liked it…well played, Stevie Wonder, well played…

  4. Ms. Stevie Wonder! don’t give it up so easily, at least LOOK like you are playing hard to get. Give him a bit a cold shoulder next time, and for goodness sake, no tongue until the third date! Good luck, girlfriend!

  5. Very wise to spray a little Binaca before that big slurp, Stevie. You have to put your best paw forward. Maybe this will be your forever person!

  6. Has Stevie found her forever family right in your neighborhood? Wow! I can’t wait to hear the rest of the story! Go Stevie Girl!

  7. The utterly smitten look on Stevie’s potential dad’s (?) (fingers crossed!) face in every photo where he is looking at her is wonderful to behold. Good luck, Stevie girl! You deserve all the love in the world!

  8. Oh, I can hardly breathe, I’m so excited! Is this maybe a special FUREVER furend? I think Stevie made a super good impression on him. I know for a FACT that humans LUV doggie french kisses. Good job, Stevie! My paws are crossed! I can’t wait for tomorrow!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  9. Fingers and paws crossed for Stevie. Special visitor’s face in those photos shows one very smitten individual! I hope things work out and Stevie gets her forever home soon!

  10. Oh Stevie Wonder, I think this is your One. Just look at his expression. He thinks you are the most delightful creature in the world. He looks like the sort of One who’ll let you sleep on the bed and snuggle up next to him on the couch and give you copious belly rubs!
    PS Chick is looking at Amanda in the third photo as if to say “please take her away…”

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