Once upon a time, in A VILLAGE called Petworth

Well friends, it’s official. Our Stevie-girl is adopted!! Very soon, she will be going home.

home? i thought home was under this couch with the lost kibble?

The sweet family we met two weeks ago fell in love with Stevie instantly when they read her blog, and even more deeply when they came over in person to hang out with our little girl. And why shouldn’t they? She was showing off her most spastic enthusiastic behavior during their visit, complete with barking, mouthiness, and crazy zoomies — three behaviors that almost never show up in regular life with Stevie. Luckily Paul and Liz are very experienced dog people and were able to see through Stevie’s crazy and impolite antics to the sweet, gentle lady hiding inside.

You see, Paul and Liz love another dog — a sweet Boxer / Pit mix named Rosie, who left this world earlier in the year after falling prey to a brain tumor. Rosie was their first child and their first dog love. They will always love Rosie, but in Stevie they saw something of Rosie. In Stevie’s sensitive brown eyes they caught a glimpse of the same sweetness, tenderness, and the big, jubilant personality that Rosie had.

Rosie's beautiful smile

Paul, Liz, and their two-year-old son Henry live just a couple miles away from us in a DC neighborhood called Petworth. It’s a diverse, developing community with a little bit of excitement going on, and a nice, neighborly, quiet feel to it that Stevie will love. At her new home’s doorstep she has plenty of neighbors to turn into friends, lots of fun festivals, markets, and dog-friendly establishments to visit, and a huge network of parks and trails where she will enjoy runs, hikes, and adventures with her new family.

Petworth is also home to one of DC’s most popular blogs, Prince of Petworth. Every year, PoP runs the “Coolest Pet in Petworth” contest. We sure hope that Liz and Paul enter Stevie in the contest this year. Knowing all we know about her, we think there’s a pretty good chance she could win!

**We will have a big non-Stevie announcement on Thursday and hope everyone will be as excited as we are. Check out our Facebook page for little hints and previews all week long!**

40 responses

  1. Yay for Stevie Wonder!!!!!! Hopefully Stevie helps to fill the void left behind by Rosie’s passing and brings her new family much joy for years to come. So happy for Stevie…….and thank you for all that you did to make this happen.

  2. Rosie looks like quite a character. Stevie Wonder has some big shoes to fill, but she is the girl to do it! Congratulations to all of you!
    (try not to miss her too much)

  3. Congratulations Miss Stevie! This is fabulous news. Can’t wait for the update from the family. Well done Foster Parents! I’m sure that Sir Chick will miss his adoring foster-sister. Then, maybe he’ll be happy to have some peace and quiet.

  4. Should I be ecstatic or jealous??? 😦

    I love Stevie, tell the new family they must start blogging immediately so we can keep up! And, for Chick’s sake, we hope the next foster is one he takes to like he took to Gonzo Bunny-Ears!

  5. Celebrate, good times! Hooray for Stevie and her awesome new family. You did an amazing job with Stevie, and I’m sure your wonderful blog had a lot to do with her finding a home.

    P.S. Did I already tell you I grew up in Rockville?

  6. That kind of breaks my heart…but in a good way 🙂 Glad they’re close by. Congratulations on finding such perfect adopters! How did you come across them?
    Kirsten the almost-failed foster

  7. Aw yay! I’m so happy for her, so bummed for all of her fans (including myself). I’ll always be keeping an eye out for her in DC, maybe I can get her autograph! 🙂

  8. Liz and Paul are going to be wonderful new parents to Stevie! So happy to meet her soon. I know she will know love for the rest of her life as part of their family.

  9. This is such wonderful news! My mom is having a tough rescue week, so this was just the post she needed to perk her up. I’m so happy for Stevie and I hope we get updates of her in her new home!

  10. That is fantastic news! Once again, you guys have proven yourselves to be angels for a dog in need and looking for a forever home. Hopefully you will get to see Stevie from time to time since she won’t be too far. I hope she can help heal their hearts after losing Rosie, who does indeed have a beautiful smile:)

  11. Congrats to you Stevie! Your foster parents will miss you very much! Also, job well done foster parents for another success!

  12. What wonderful news and her new family sound like they are perfect for Stevie and she is perfect for them. I am really going to miss hearing about her but I’m glad to know her new family are local and will hopefully be able to send you/us photo updates and maybe even start their own blog? Congratulations and a big hug to you both, I know you’ll miss her lovely smiley self.

  13. It’s good yet it’s so sad too. We just found this blog not long ago and fell in love with Stevie. Then realized she was a foster and now she’s going bye, bye. Stevie we will miss you. We hope you have a lifetime full of love, joy, kindness and fun.


    • Hi Emma, Thanks for this note. I am excited that you found our blog, and I can’t wait to take a look at yours — as soon as our power is restored here in DC after the hurricane! Stevie was a real treasure, just as they all are. Perhaps her more than the others. We will be caring for beautiful elderbull Zabora starting this Wednesday, so you can fall in love with another wonderful dog if you keep reading. We hope you do. Best, Aleksandra

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