what IT TAKES to make us weepy

Hello Montgomery County Humane Society folks,

We’re sending this note attached to our application because we just weren’t sure that it was clear enough in our short answers that Stevie is supposed to be our little girl. We met her over the weekend with her foster family and really connected with her. We love her sweetness, her energy, her goofiness. We are excited to take her for runs (Paul), to play fetch with her on end (Liz), and to see if she’ll play in the sprinkler or the baby pool (Henry).

We know, from experience, that there is always a transition period – sometimes a few iterations – when someone new joins the family. We know that it is our responsibility to make that transition as smooth as possible for Stevie – by giving her love and calm and warmth (and a basic obedience class). We will do that. We know, from experience, that sometimes dogs bark, and jump around, and knock you over (especially if you are a toddler). We think all of that is fine – and believe that when someone is in your family, there are moments when everyone has to adjust a little. While it could mean bringing in a trainer, it might also mean adjusting our own behavior and routine so that it works for everyone. That’s just what families do for each other.

It surprises us a little that we feel the way we do about Stevie – we lost our sweet Rosie-girl this Spring to a brain tumor and it absolutely broke our hearts. We thought for sure that we wouldn’t be ready this soon. But then we looked up, and Stevie was there. We realized that, while Rosie will always have a place in our hearts, our love for her also created the space in our family for another dog, for Stevie – and the knowledge and ability to be the kind of home that she deserves.

We want to be Stevie’s forever family and hope that you’ll consider our application.

Thank you,

Liz, Paul, and Henry

Stay tuned . . .


**We will have a big non-Stevie announcement on Thursday and hope everyone will be as excited as we are about it!**



42 responses

  1. Yay! As wonderful as this could be for Stevie, it’s also great to hear about families who “get it” when it comes to making a dog part of the family. This gives me hope.

  2. Awww!! That made me weepy too! I’m excited for Stevie, but sad for her foster family and for me and other blog readers who will miss hearing about Stevie’s life. Congrats, little girl!

  3. What a wonderful family. It sounds like Stevie would be very happy with them, people who know what the words “forever home” really mean. I love what they said here: “That’s just what families do for each other.” I couldn’t agree more.

    Very excited for Stevie and for your non-Stevie news!

  4. That is awesome. I agree that those applications can sometimes not share the true feelings of the adoptive family. It’s all about fenced in yards and how often will they get walked and who will be responsible for feeding. While all that is important, at the end of the day, when you’ve found the “one”, you’ll do anything for them!

  5. I love this. Tears of joy on a Monday morning. πŸ™‚
    Being a responsible Pitty owner takes a lot of hard work but it is SO rewarding. I hope Stevie gets to go to her forever home soon. Sounds like they already in love with her. ❀

  6. Oh Stevie….this is so exciting. You have a family who wants to adopt you and love you!! Can’t wait to hear more. Chick will miss you…..he just doesn’t know it yet. XO

  7. Oh yes….that’s what it takes to make me weepy too! beautiful thoughtful note…i know this is what your goal is when you take in a foster dog, but it makes me sad for you two…must be hard to say goodbye and let go….my best to you and Chick
    and Stevie….

  8. I hope that her forever family live near a lake or a beach or a river so that Stevie can go for lots and lots of swims. I hope it works out with this family. They sound ideal and if Paul was Stevie’s date to the block party then he’s totally in love with her already.
    I’m hoping that this is your happily ever after Stevie-Girl xox

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