It Takes a Village to Save an Elderbull!

Elderbulls have been on our mind this month, so when our Chick won a free Paco Collar (a $100 value) in a dog modeling contest, we decided to put our money where our mind is. Had we not won, we likely would have bought Chick the collar anyway. Yep, that’s right. A $100, custom, handmade collar for a dog. But since we did win, we were thinking . . . what could we do with our $100 that can really make an impact? Oh, we have an idea! We think we’ll save an Elderbull.

Turns out it’s not so easy. Saving an Elderbull takes a whole lot more than our $100, especially if our Elderbull of choice has some arthritis, conjunctivitis, and a mysterious neurological issue that gets her off balance from time to time and sends her teetering to the side while she happily and waggily trots toward us to give us a big hug. On top of that, our Elderbull needs to be spayed, vaccinated, tested for routine issues, microchipped, and have full bloodwork done. And on top of that, she is an Elderbull, which means that she will be passed over by many adopters who prefer a younger dog. And on top of that, we can only co-foster her at best, because of a crazy fall travel schedule and a looming move.

But are all those reasons going to deter us? No way!! Especially when our Elderbull has liquid almond-colored eyes, perfectly cupped ears, a stellar evaluation, and that look of wisdom that dogs acquire with age. Plus, our Elderbull otherwise has little-to-no chance of being adopted from the shelter or pulled by a rescue in the traditional way.

And so, we are pleased to introduce everyone to Lady Zabora, our Village Elderbull!

But as we mentioned before, it takes a village to save an Elderbull – we can’t do this alone. We urgently need to raise the funds for her vet care and find her a stable foster home in the greater DC/Baltimore area. We are also hoping to set aside a small “trust fund” as an incentive for her future adopter – the balance will go to her adopter’s vet as a credit against future routine medical care.

So friends, today we turn to you. Have you been wanting to donate $20 or $40 to a good cause, but were waiting for something specific and personal that you could get behind? Have you experienced first-hand the amazing things that can happen when people band together to save a dog against all odds? Has your own dog found redemption and love in your arms as a result of the kindness and generosity of others? This is your chance to pay it forward. With a lot of small contributions on top of our bigger chunk of start-up money, we can turn things around for Lady Z. There is no question that your contribution will be helping to save this worthy life.

Here’s how to help:

1) Donate toward Lady Zabora’s rescue and medical needs via PayPal on her ChipIn fundraising page here. Any amount helps.

2) Track our updates on Lady Zabora’s fundraiser and the girl’s progress on our Facebook page here.

3) Spread the word about Lady Zabora by forwarding this blog post, adding Zabora’s ChipIn widget to your own webpage, or sharing of our Facebook updates with your dog-loving friends.

4) Check among your DC/Baltimore area friends to see if you know anyone who might like to foster or adopt Zabora.

Tomorrow we will announce some fun prizes that you could win by donating. But if you donate today, you will receive an additional prize: a personally pawtographed photo card of Sir Chick, as a token of his appreciation!

Thanks for being part of our village. We are so lucky to have you.

50 responses

  1. Oh I wish I lived closer! I would take her in a heartbeat! Anyone coming from the DC area to Minnesota and able to deliver her to me? I’ve been wanting an elderbull to add to my pack for a while now…

  2. I was hoping it would be her! What a beautiful girl. I can’t wait to learn more about this wonderful wise elderbull.

  3. She’s beautiful!! I’ll donate now….hope it helps and hope many others contribute to such a great cause. You have such a big heart…love it!

  4. Fantastic! You guys are true heroes. I will definitely do what I can to help and pass the information along. Lady Z probably doesn’t know it but her world is about to change for the better. Thank you so much for taking the time to help, even with so much else going on in your super-busy lives.

  5. Lady Z may have had a history of bad luck, but that changed the moment you guys set your eyes on her. She’s gorgeous! And I love the idea of saving an Elderbull. I just chipped in a bit because I know it really does take a village.

    • Yeah, I actually do feel bad for the former owner. He/she obviously bred her a lot of times which I’m not impressed with, but it seems like she was loved in her past life. I’m sure he/she is missing her a lot and wondering what happened to her.

      I love that show, BTW.

  6. Welcome Lady Z! I made a donation for your treatment. Reginald Von Dog (aka Reggie) needed a lot of medical care when I adopted him because he had an immune disorder. A rescue group helped me with the very expensive bills and now I hope this small donation will help you get back on your feet.
    PS – can you ask Fostermom how she was able to get that widget on her blog? Chipin says that WordPress won’t allow the embed code.

    • Hey, Thanks Reggie and J! It’s not the real widget. I just took a screenshot of the widget and put it in as a photo, with a clicking link to the chipin. Sneaky, eh? The main drawback is that it’s static, so if I want the dollar amount to update, I have to update with a new photo. Still– better than nothing!

      • I hear good things about the Gaboinked! Chipin Sidebar Widget for WordPress. It’s a widget that you should be able to add from WordPress that displays the chipin (and the updating total) in your sidebar 🙂

        It takes a village alright. Like so many of your fans, we were happy to add to Lady Z’s ChipIn total. You guys do so much for your fosters. Miss Z is so lucky to have you.

  7. I’m always a little short on $$ (like everyone), but I use all the book sale procedes to make donations; it wasn’t much, but we want to be part of that village, too. I’ve got a soft spot for ‘older’ doggies, and I couldn’t pass Lady Z. up!

  8. Every time I check the Chipin (which is quite frequently today since I’m bored at work) I am blown away and get a little misty. The generosity of so many individuals coming together for this little girl is amazing and gives me lots of hope for Zabora and all of us. I will donate tomorrow when I get paid 🙂

    • I am blown away too. And I am counting my lucky stars — Z has just had a complication from her spay that has landed her back at the vet with some hemorrhaging and a burst spay wound. This could get pricey, but I am now pretty sure that we can take care of her like she deserves. Thanks for your note, and keep your fingers crossed!

      • Done and done! I’m glad you guys went ahead with all this without having the funds ahead of time. I knew everyone would come together. Optimism always helps the impossible become possible!

  9. I have not been able to get on the blog today until just now but I had been hearing people mentioning the fundraising effort all day…in fact Lady Z was hanging out back here with me and some of the crew all this morning before she “popped”. Now that I have gotten to see the generosity of everyone I am really blown away! You guys are amazing.

  10. Please let us know how Lady Z is doing – poor girl!! Saw the Chip In total and it’s amazing. I personally donate only to animal-related causes – and it appears that may be the case with many of your fans. Give Lady Z a kiss and a hug from me.

  11. You guys are truly inspiring! The creativity and enthusiasm you bring to this cause lifts me up every time I read your blog. Lady Z’s ChipIn donations from today alone are pretty impressive, and they’ll only keep growing. You should be so proud of the work you do and the ‘village’ you’ve created. Thank you for letting the rest of us be a part of it!

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  14. Hi Aleksandra,

    This post touched me to the depth of my being.

    Congratulations for stepping up to the plate and thunderous applause for your willingness to be the ultimate heroes to this beautiful Lady Z.

    She may not fully comprehend just how lucky she is, but I have no doubt that she senses that her life is about to become ever so much better. And she’s got you to thank for.

    In awe of your great big hearts,


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