Chix-a-Lot Friday: Play my lottery!

Yesterday mom made our big announcement – that we had committed to rescuing a sweet lady elderbull that caught her eye at our county shelter (and my eye once I saw her photo, hubba hubba), and were raising money for her treatment and care. If you missed her story, you can catch it here. Poor dear is going through some tough medical stuff– eye and ear infections, surgical complications from her spay, a massive blood clot that ruptured and sent her back to the emergency vet where she will be staying for observation for a couple of days — she really needs our help.

Mom was really moved by this girl because she’s the same age as me, and mom got to thinking about how different my life could have been if I’d just ended up in different hands. This girl drew the short straw (and I drew a really long, crazy, colorful, fun, curly straw), but we got our heads together and decided: we can lengthen and curl her straw if we all work together!

When mom said it was going to take a village to save this elderbull, we had no idea how many people would come together to change the path of Lady Zabora’s life. As an Elderbull myself, I’m really proud to know that you guys care so deeply about us mature adult dogs. When our friend A at Two Pitties in the City suggested the idea of raising money, mom was not sure it would be a success. A few days ago, my Eldercrush was all but doomed. Today, her forecast looks much sunnier. I can’t wait to hang out with her after she’s healed up a little more. Is she a total dreamboat or what?

But we’ve got more news: the fun’s not over yet! A bunch of my blog friends are pitching in their arts, talents, and other goodies for a little raffle to thank our donors. Think of it as donating to a good cause and getting a free raffle ticket to win something fun for yourself or your pooches! It’s like when I’m sniffing around in the grass like a good dog does and I stumble upon a delicious bit of cat poo as a bonus. Yum!

Everyone who donated already – as well as new folks – are eligible to play. Here are the rules:

  • For every $20 donation, you get one raffle ticket. Simply email my recordkeeper at DCpetographer [at] gmail [dot] com, and let her know which item you would like to be entered for. If you donated a multiple of $20, you get that many raffle tickets. So a $60 donation wins you three tickets, which you can throw in for three different items. I won mom five tickets by winning the Paco dog modeling contest, but mom says I can’t play. Pootie!
  • If you donated less than $20 already, you can add the rest to get a ticket if you wish. Same goes for those who donated an off number like $30 – you can add $10 and get two tickets, or just use your one ticket.
  • Winners will be drawn at random (by computer or by me, we’re not sure yet) after Labor Day weekend, and mom and I will announce here on the blog.
  • Times are tough, so if you are donating what you can but can’t spare $20, don’t worry! I will send you a pawtographed photo card of myself as a token of my appreciation. It’s the small acts by the big village that make magic happen for elderbulls!
  • Haven’t donated yet but want to join in on the fun? Here is Lady Zabora’s Chipin. Remember, multiples of $20 for lottery tickets!

Now for the fun part. Grab a can of that bubbly, malty stuff mom is always drinking or some dog biscuits or something, because this is a big list of fun to get through. Here are your neat raffle items!

Your favorite Animal Farm Foundation t-shirt – this is where my hero Sarge the Elderbull worked on behalf of all pit bull type dogs. These American Apparel shirts are soft, high-quality, and made with love in the USA. They fit humans better than dogs, but I still love them. And look at those handsome dogs on those shirts! You pick your own style, color, and size. Two winners. Thank you Animal Farm Foundation!

click to go to AFF merch page, where you can see the shirts in more detail

A handmade pit bull silhouette pendant made from solid copper and treated with brown patina. Available plain or customized with a “collar” on each side. The “collar” can be colored beads of your choice or a stamped name up to 7 letters. You also choose cropped or natural ears! Doesn’t that one on the left look just like me?? Thank you Nina!

Obviously these are the coolest: a set of ten 4×5.5 inch folded photo greeting cards (of ME!!) with matching envelopes, printed on fine art watercolor paper. Blank inside. Your choice of me as the lush that I am or me as the businessman that I aspire to be, or five of each. Two winners. Awesome!

An 8×12 inch matted, ready-to-frame pawtographed print of my buddy, Vicktory dog Handsome Dan, wearing his very own Paco Collar – photographed by my mom, pawtographed by the famous, devastatingly dapper Handsome Dan himself. These are very rare, the Danimal has only pawtographed a pawful of these. Seriously, this guy is so handsome he even gives ME a run for my money. Your choice of print. Serious Danimal or smiling Danimal? So hard to choose! Thanks Handsome Dan!

Hand knitted, custom doggie turtlenecks – set of two. These are basically the cutest thing I’ve ever worn – knitted by the grandmother of Turk and Rufus and grand fostermother of lovely fostered pittie Ginger Rogers (hubba hubba) of Our Waldo Bungie. Stevie and I tried these on and we loved them so much that we didn’t want to ever give them back! They are not only fashion forward (a must for me), but also keep us warm on those slightly chilly nights. And you know what’s really cool? You can’t buy these anywhere yet — be the first to have them! Your choice of style, color, and buttons, and you get two different ones, so you can match all of your moods! Thanks Our Waldo Bungie!

Hey! Finally something not dog-specific! Gorgeous handcrafted layered copper rings with custom stamping. Can include 3 or 4 ring layers. Each layer can include up to 20 characters (commonly pet’s names, children’s names, and phrases like don’ or  This can be made as a pendant or a keyring. We’re thinking of a keyring for my mom: chick.elderbull.supreme. Thanks again Nina!

A custom, mini, modern painted portrait of your favorite pet or pets (or of me, obviously). This is an incredible, adorable, four by four inch acrylic painting on canvas and wood panel. It’s protected with a matte varnish and ready to hang. Mom and I don’t think this could be any sweeter. The artists has her own handsome pittie, but she will paint your dog, bird, chinchilla, hamster, cat, whatever. These are amazing. Enough said. Thanks to the Pet Shop at Yellow Brick Home!

For those of you who have been wanting to make your own art and have supposable thumbs (is that what they’re called?), here is a brand new, never-been-used, honest-to-goodness, film Holga camera. You know those nostalgic, vignetted, funky photos you’ve been seeing? Yep, they’re taken with this puppy. This camera takes special film, and our generous donors are throwing in your first roll. Thank you, Two Pitties in the City!

Two Pitties' Mr. B and Ms. M show off their donated Holga

Made-to-order, hand-knit doggie sweaters. Need I say more? Personally I LOVE sweaters because my gorgeous, designer furs get chilly in the wintertime! You pick the size, the colors, and your preferred style – regular or Elderbull (with buttons for easier on and off for arthritic limbs). Obviously I loves these sweaters. I would never wear unfashionable clothing! Mom says this is a really special raffle item because these have never been sold before. Our dear friend Emily and her mom plan to start using these for fundraisers, but we are the first ones to show them off. Amazing? Yes. Thank you, Our Waldo Bungie!

And last but certainly not least, a beautiful, handcrafted martingdale collar made of cotton fabric, nylon webbing, and metal hardware. I have been begging mom for one of these for five squillion years, but she usually says I’m being a spoiled brat and sometimes the fosters get cooler things than me. Lame! Anyway, Sirius Republic has dozens of fabrics to choose from, and these babies are super sturdy. Stevie Wonder loves her “chirpy” style collar in a size medium. My new crush, Elderbull Zabora, is about to start rocking the “rhianna” in a size large. And not that it needs to get any better, but Sirius is a big supporter of dog rescue and regularly donates a portion of proceeds to various causes. Two winners. Thank you Sirius Republic!

So? What’s it gonna be??

32 responses

  1. Yay – so many awesome items to choose from!! I have my eye on the Sirius Republic collar (since I’ve been dying to get some for my dogs FOREVER!) or the Yellow Brick Home art…or the Holga Camera…or the Chix-a-Lot greeting cards…..oh man, too many to choose from!!!

  2. WOW – what an awesome fund-raising event!! Hope Zabora is feeling better today – prayers being said for her.

  3. Wow- you should do this for a living! You guys are the Elderbull Savers Extraordinaire! I’ll be chiping in next week (aka after payday) but I haven’t got a clue which awesome prize I want the most! Give Lady Zabora a good scratch behind the ears for us!

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    • Hey, thanks! I appreciate the support. We are excited about all of the lottery items. Not to give you too much insider information, but the ones with the fewest entries at this time are the Handsome Dan pawtographed photo, the Chick greeting cards, and the pit bull silhouette pendant. Just so you know. Please give that sweet Havi a big smooch for me, A

  5. I too am in no position to get any tickets yet but after payday I will definitely be getting involved! Even if you don’t get a prize you would still get to feel like a winner!

  6. Wowzers Sir Chick! You & your awesome parents sure know how to put on a fund raiser! Too many nice things to decide! Will have to dream on it…. Sending our bestest wishes & wags to you & Lady Z! 🙂

    • Thanks Starla, this is our first fundraiser ever. We don’t like asking for money, so you know my Eldercrush is very, very special. Thanks for your love and dreams. XOXOXO, Chicky

  7. Hey Ola-
    Sent in my donation (sorry it was only $25, but going back in to be rebuilt again next week) anywho, when I tried to go to the comments sections it kick me out and siad I may need to do it again-it looks ok via paypal but let me know if you don’t see one from me OK so I can retry.

    Love what you are doing and donate my ticket to someone who deserves it : )
    XO Jamie

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  10. Congratulations and kudos to you for being so terrific about saving elderbulls. They are lucky to have you in their corner.

    And these items which are displayed here are fantastic but my all time favorite would have to be the layered copper rings. My dogs would, no doubt, love them as well.

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  15. What a tough decision! These are amazing offerings. Kudos to you and all the donors. I’ll ponder (obsess?) and let you know what I decide. Thank you for the reminder.

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