Former foster updates: Ozzie (Gonzo) the country boy

Here’s another great update on one of our former fosters, Gonzo Bunny-Ears (Now Ozzie Bunny-Ears). Thanks to his mama Joanne for sending us this funny account of his weekend and the gorgeous photos of him, his glorious ears, and his sister Laila living the good life!

“We went to my in-laws’ last week and the dogs came with us. Our family lives in the “country” on 5+ acres with just a few neighbors and fields galore. As soon as we got there we let Laila and Ozzie loose, and they had a blast.

We were a little nervous since we had never let Oswald off leash in an unenclosed space. We also knew that he ended up in the “slammer” twice for running away from his original owners. My guess is that he just wasn’t happy in his old home because he ran everywhere and after everything but when we called his name he always came running . . .

And man can he run! He ran circles around his new friends (other neigborhood dogs), their people, and even their homes. He also won the hearts of Chris’ family and earned table scraps galore with just one look from his adorable mug. Everyone wanted to take him home so I had to keep an eye on him at all times to watch for any would-be dognappers!

There are times when Oswald gets so wound up it’s hard to calm him down. He had one of those moments when the kids started shooting off fireworks. As soon as he heard the first one go off, he was a wild man. I’ve seen dogs run and hide in fear but Ozzie was the opposite. He went into seek and destroy mode. He patrolled the tree lines and shore, barking as he went. He investigated high and low but was never able to find the source of all the commotion!

When it came time to leave I figured he would be done for the day or even the week but I should have known better. Chris and I are saying our goodbyes when Chris yells. I turn around and see Ozzie has jumped out of our car window, leash attached, and is in hot pursuit of a flock of birds. He runs so far and so fast that in just a few seconds he is just a tiny speck in the distance. There are probabaly a few hundred birds and though he did his best the boy just could not compete. When he finally realizes there is no hope he makes a hard left turn, then makes a beeline back to us. I open the car door and without skipping a beat he is nestled under the dashboard ready for the long ride home.

It was a lot of fun!

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  1. OMG – Ozzie/Oswald (love the name) and Laila are just so cute together. They love each other – awwwwww!! Love the photo of forever dad with Ozzie’s ears framing him. LOL. Sounds like Ozzie is living the good life – you must feel so good about that!! Thank you for the update on Mr. Bunny Ears.

  2. I love love love Ozzie/Gonzo in his new home. Of course his ears crack me up to no end, but the way he and his new sister are together just makes me melt and laugh at the same time. She is so much bigger than he is, the pictures of them together are just adorable.

  3. Oh My Gosh! The Cuteness! I luv Gonzo/ Oswald! I luv his new name too. The last pic of him w/ Big Sisters paw draped over his back is just too freakin adora-bull!

  4. Love reading all these updates! Love bunny-ears! Love wunnerful photos! Love what you do to help these guys find great new homes!

  5. Those pictures are great! (almost as good as your own!) I LOVE LOVE LOVE that last one with his big sister’s paw rested across him! So cute!
    It sounds like he has found the perfect home and it makes me so happy!
    Yeah for Ozzie (He’ll always be Gonzo to me) Bunny Ears!

  6. These photos are absolutely fantastic as they make me want to reach out and touch Ozzie’s ears. My favorite among them is the one where the Ozzie and Laila are sleeping face to face on a fluffy blanket — it’s precious.

    On a more serious note, kudos to you for arranging great homes for wonderful animals.

  7. Animals just know when they’ve found their real home and family. No need to run away. Ozzie and Laila are just the perfect couple! Thanks for giving them both the bestest home in the universe!

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