Bat Ears and Raffle Results

Hello friends, Little “Bat Ears” Zee enjoyed a lovely weekend with her other foster mama, spending lots of time training her ears to do all kinds of tricks. She is working on teaching them to do a Gonzo pose — so that her bunny ears can match her bunny hopping — but hasn’t mastered it yet. Her favorite so far is the bat ears:

All the while between fun activities, she would lay around like this with her bat ears, wondering . . . who are the lucky winners of my fundraiser raffle?

Well Little Zee doesn’t have to wait any longer! We had 161 lottery entries including more than 120 unique individuals. We drew winners last night using a random number generator, and are excited to announce the results:

But wait– you had your heart set on one particular piece and didn’t win it? Chances are, you can buy one directly from the artist or donor. Just shoot us an email at DCpetographer [at] gmail [dot] com for more info, or click on the links above to get in touch directly. And stay tuned later this week for a special announcement about the mini custom pet paintings.

Congrats to all the winners, and thanks again to everyone for your support!

13 responses

  1. I might just have to buy myself a pitbull shirt…

    My parents’ dog frequently has bat ears- I like to pet them until she gets annoyed and starts licking me. Little Zee’s ears look very pet-able too!

    • They are so, so pettable– as is the rest of her. She has this incredibly soft, thick fur– at least twice as thick as any of the other pitties we’ve taken care of. And as for the AFF t-shirts, they are so adorable, and also soft and pettable 😉

  2. Congratulations to all the winners! Little Zee is now a trust fund (bat-eared) baby. A wonderful result all round.

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