Running errands? Bring Zee!

You know that dog who acts like a complete spaz out in public, needs to sniff everybody, jump into strollers, steal children’s ice cream cones, snatch merchandise at the farmer’s market, and knock over entire stacks of VHS tapes if you bring him into Video Americain to rent a movie? Nevermind art galleries or stores with small beautiful things, you wouldn’t even come close to one of those with these dogs because their antics, lack of self awareness, and waggy tails would break everything at knee-level.

Well, Little Zee is not that dog. She is instantly at home wherever she goes, and handles herself with perfect manners in all kinds of scenarios. We have a number of pet-friendly shops right in downtown Takoma Park (a video store, a hardware store, and a very cool new furniture and art store), and last weekend we took her around to run some errands. She liked everything she saw, but Trohv, our cool new furniture / arts store, was her favorite.

The combination of warm, fuzzy rugs and cool, smooth concrete floors gave her plenty of options for laying down and taking a rest — which she was very happy to do anytime we decided to stop and take a look at a neat chair or a cute glass vase. The other customers made her very happy, but not so happy that she had to bounce up and down. She greeted everybody with a polite tail wag and a little kiss if they wanted one, but didn’t go crazy jumping on people or tugging toward them if they didn’t want to say hello.

We think this is a rare asset in Zee’s corner, and speaks volumes of her personality and demeanor. Many — maybe most — dogs have to train for months or years to be able to behave nicely in public, but Zee’s calm personality really shines in this light. It makes us start having big dreams for Little Zee. Could she become a therapy dog? Or maybe she could work with kids in schools, helping them learn to read? Attending to seniors in assisted living facilities? Her fantastic temperament opens a lot of doors for her, and we hope her future forever-family will appreciate it!

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  1. Little Zee is a treasure. I hope her forever family comes along soon and appreciates her wonderful temperment. And those bat ears are just icing on the cake.

  2. VHS?!? You can still rent tapes, I had no idea.
    Back to Zee… she is a perfect lady! My little pittie mix is a fun loving speed demon in open spaces, but bring him in a store, and he turns into the perfect, pleasant, smiling little dog! Zee is just wonderful! Sometimes you don’t need to teach an old dog new tricks, they already know it all!

  3. I think you are right–Zee would make a great therapy dog or reading buddy. Cabana is a reading buddy, and she gets so happy when I put on her therapy jacket because she knows what’s about to happen. Zee’s charm and good manners need to be shared!

  4. Zee is a beautiful girl! Her temperament is really a blessing; I hope she finds a home soon, too, and that they do therapy work or something similar with her. Or all of it! Those reading programs are really neat.

  5. Trohv has such great decor–and I didn’t know they were dog-friendly! Maybe they’d be less dog-friendly if they saw mine :)…don’t worry, I won’t ruin it for the rest of us!

  6. those dogs you are talking about in the beginning of this post? THOSE ARE MY DOGS.

    i vote therapy dog for little z! and i want to check out that cute furniture store!

  7. Lady Zee sounds just about perfect if you ask me. You know that dog you described in that first paragraph? It’s almost exactly like you were with us this last weekend as we went around town with our dog. Shiva has done every single one of those things. *sigh* I’d almost forgotten it didn’t have to be that way!

  8. She is so sweet. I love the therapy dog idea. We’ve been working towards that with Heidi with the goal of doing one of those reading programs. Even if her forever family doesn’t go that route with Z, I’m sure they’ll appreciate how calm she is 😉

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