My distinguishing features

Hello sweet readers, it’s your Little Zee!

All this while that foster mama has been taking my photo, snuggling me in her lap, letting me stick my tuna-flavored tongue up her nose (ok, I don’t do that very often), and writing about me, I’ve been simultaneously taking naps and tapping my fingers as if to ask: “why isn’t anybody noticing my distinguishing features?”

So I arranged a photo shoot where I could show them off. Not that I’m fishing for compliments — really I’m not — but please tell me, isn’t my coloring most unusual?

I know, I know. It’s hard to get past my perfect bone structure and my cute arching ears. But let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Most people at first think I’m simply a blue pit bull, but I’m not! My back is blue, and the top of my head and my ears, but check out what’s going on below my cheekbones– see that interesting sandy-cream brindle?

I also have that interesting sandy brindle on my chest and the insides of my legs . . .

And seriously, check out these brows:

Mama said she’s never seen a dog that looks quite like me. I thought that was pretty obvious since I’m the only Little Zee around!

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  1. I’ve been enjoying the new photos of Ms. Zee and she IS a lovely girl… She seems like a nice mellow companion for someone who can’t meet the needs of a high energy dog.

    By the way, how is Stevie Wonder doing in her new home? Any “issues” arising now that she’s getting comfy with the new folks? I so hope that she’s well and adjusting.

  2. Little Zee – you are beautiful and unique. I’ve noticed that from day one. I hope you are finding some potential forever parents along the way….they’ll be so lucky to have you.

  3. Her coat looks like velvet. what a beautiful girl, inside and out!
    {To the person out there (you know who you are) that reads these posts everyday and wonders ‘should I, or shouldn’t I?’ YES, you should! She is the perfect dog for you!!}

  4. Blue is my favorite dog color (after black!), and so I’ve been admiring Little Zee’s coloration since I saw her. I confess, though, I did not notice her Cover Girl cheekbones, nor her “Doberman” eyebrows (yes, I know there are other breeds with them… 😉 ) Such a pretty girl! She deserves a lovely and fantastic home. Perhaps where somebody takes her to work!

  5. I just love little Zee, she is gorgeous and her personality shines through your photos, sweet, calm and loving, what a gem. Any fabulous prospects for her yet? In our search for our next resident dog I am secretly hoping to find a sweet mellow elderbull, any chance Lady Z would want to make the trip to AK?

    • oh, you have no idea how happy we would be if you adopted an elderbull!! they are the greatest dogs ever. she and chick are both 8 years old, and having had chick since he was just a year, i can say with great confidence that this is his best year yet. i would skip ages 0-5 altogether if i could, and definitely will for future forever-dogs. unfortunately zee hates the cold. she shivers when it’s 65, so i don’t know if she is cut out for AK– even though her fur is the thickest i’ve ever seen!

  6. And you didn’t even mention the lovely little white paws! I could just stick her in my pocket, she is so cute.
    There is also a lot of wisdom in those eyes. It really makes you wonder what she has seen and done in her life. I have a feeling she is the kind of dog that would humble me.

  7. Zee, you’re the cutest lady around. I have definitely been bitten by the senior bug (I have already explained my disdain and impatience for puppies beyond the first 20 minutes). There is a beautiful lab mix at work, around 9 yrs. old, and she just has the most beautiful soul ever while still having some pep in her step. I dream of always having that perfect dog companion that is 1 part outdoors-y and 2 parts chillax. A great blend!

  8. Lady Zee, you sure are a looker! Blue tri is a very rare color, I’ve only met one in person. I think my favorite Zee feature is her eyes. Nothing beats an Elderbull’s eyes; all the wisdom and years of experience- she’ll be an incredible companion for a lucky human.

  9. I think Little Zee is Louise’s long-lost aunt. They have the same unusual grey-red brindle coloring, although Louise’s eyes are lighter and her nose is red. Little Zee is gorgeous and your photos are beautiful. I wish I was as talented a photographer as you. Louise is stunning and yet I can’t seem to get any good photos of her. Maybe I can blame it on my camera… what do you use?

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