Little Zee, party animal

Our good buddies came over for drinks the other night, and Zee showed off her party animal side. Her favorite way to party is by sitting in the various laps that are made available to her, including our friend Amanda’s:

Although she is an equal-opportunity lap-sitter, she really is at her absolute happiest snuggled between a couple of guys. She loves women and kids, but she absolutely ADORES men (smart lady).

And miniature men may be even better. Here she is having a nice snuggle with our buddy Dexter, who has been a great friend and playmate to several of our foster dogs:


We think that Zee’s obvious comfort with and love for all different types of people is a big “adoptability factor” in her favor. Zee has never met a person she didn’t like, and has never found a lap that’s unsuitable for napping on.

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  1. I wonder if my new rescue Chloe would love Little Zee. She is so adorable – and compact! Zee could teach Chloe a thing or two about loving all kinds/sizes of people!

  2. That last picture… SO CUTE! Longest work day ever yesterday and I did the exact same thing — literally fell asleep on top of her. It started as an excitable greeting that turned into happy lap-sitting that turned into both of us on the floor cuddling turned that turned into both of us passed out.

  3. Awww, what a sweet girl. Sounds like the perfect dog, hope someone comes along for her soon. Luna is all about laps too, she can be sneaky and slightly annoying with it sometimes though. She does not do the whole “calm lap climb” it’s more of a “leap before you realize what just happened, hey a vizsla in your lap” I really should get it on film more… all the people she snuggles with because it is one of her best traits… and has won over quite a few non dog people.

    PS… those couch swifter things… with the 2 rolling bars in them that flicks it into clear container actually do work. I use them on our couches for all the lab hair that never seems to go away no matter what I do. Just incase you wanted to keep the rules changed 😉

  4. She really is the perfect pittie size! And getting along with so many people so well is such a huge thing. People don’t really realize how important this is, until they have a dog that doesn’t get along with people. She does seem perfect in every way!

  5. Maybe it’s just because my dog is just not a fan of strangers, but this trait in little Lady Zee is so fabulous to see! I think I would cry if my dog was soliciting so much attention. Especially from young children. It’s tragic she ended up in foster which such a sweet nature as hers. She looks so happy laying in that little boy’s lap.

  6. Cuddlebugs are the best. When I’ve had a bad day I love nothing more than to sit in an armchair with a “Ziggy Blanket”. Imagine the joy of a “Little Zee Blanket”. Little Zee needs her own boy. She was made to snuggle up to her Boy of a night, and guard him against the Monsters Under the Bed and Nightmares and to provide reassuring warmth (and sneaky nose kisses) when the darkness becomes a little overwhelming for a small person.

    I love Foster Dad’s face in the second photo. It’s as if he’s wondering “Didn’t we used to have a no dogs on the couch rule?

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