Everybody loves Zee

When the third great adoption application arrived in one week — in the first week — we stopped thinking that the universe was playing a funny trick on us and realized that Little Zee is just something really special.

Before Zee, even our most quintessentially adoptable dogs took at least 8 or 10 weeks to find their way home. An eight year old dog with neurological problems who needs help up and down the stairs and can’t be around small animals? We thought it would take at least 3-4 months — if we were lucky — to find her a home.

Turns out our thinking was all wrong. Zee’s snuggly personality, compact size, beautiful face, and low-key nature actually make her exactly what many people are looking for.

In the weeks since the first one — when we received three stellar applications for Zee — we have been thinking and mulling, conducting interviews, answering questions and asking them, and hosting meet-and-greets, doing home visits, and going for walks.

We have also been celebrating. What does it mean, if three wonderful sets of people found Zee right after she was rescued and thought they might like to share their life with her? And which of these three wonderful sets of people — an art therapist and her husband who are looking for their perfect dog, one who will be sweet to them and their future children; a public health professional who lives in an exciting part of the city and wants a snuggly, easy dog to be her companion on the town; and an artist who met Zee when we were out shopping and instantly fell in love — will be Zee’s Ones?

Stay tuned to find out.

17 responses

  1. As much as I want to hear more of her adventures, I can’t help but be excited for her future. Like a fine wine, dogs just become better with age and lots of love.

    Thank you for seeing Zee’s potential.

  2. Wow. That’s fantastic news. You guys are the best PR agents a pittie could ask for. What’s the rescue group you’re working with? Do they post on petfinder and craigslist for you? And what’s on the application? Maybe these questions are better suited for an email. I wish I had more time to focus on the Adopt Louise campaign. Maybe I need to get the camera you use. Your photos of Zee are gorgeous. Mine of Louise aren’t!


  3. This is making me sad. Some very wonderful humans are going to be brokenhearted because there’s only one of Zee and there’s all of them wanting to share their homes with her. I know, it’s really the very best of news for yet another pittie who deserves the very best. Zee, I can’t wait to hear the good news.

  4. Great news!! We had a similar situation with foster Sassy where we had 5 great applications come in at once. And the best part is that all those are looking at other dogs in our rescue (and others) to adopt! So 5 great dogs are getting a home because Sassy’s pretty face sparked something to make them rescue/adopt!

  5. This is such great news! I just know that you will pick the most perfect furever home for her. And, hopefully, the other two families will take what they learned from Lady Zee and go out and rescue or adopt another elderbull!

  6. Oh Zee, you are such a special doggie. It must be hard for your foster parents to think of letting you go. The bottom of that little paw peeking out in the second to last photo really gets to me.

  7. Such great news! I love to hear about hope – and the success of who many would have deemed “unadoptable”. I can’t stand that word personally….I can’t wait to hear how Zee’s story turns out!

  8. I’m very selfish, I know, but I’m going to miss Little Zee soooooo very much. She is just the best little girl. I’m also sad that two great families are going to miss out on giving Zee her forever home. I hope that they’ll open their hearts to adopting another Elderbull and then Little Zee will be responsible for helping to save more lives.

  9. Whoever is lucky enough to get Zee will have been blessed with a sweet and gentle girl. I fall in love with that face more and more each day. Can’t wait to hear who Zee’s forever human(s) will be!!

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