State of the State of Georgia Address

The state of the Georgia is strong.

Her reproductive capabilities have come to a standstill, but from this standstill will come the peace of knowing that no more accidental babies will be brought into this world by Georgia, and this sweet girl will never have to suffer the stress of motherhood again. Together with her future forever-family, she will form a bond based on mutual affection, trust, and companionship, and never again have to be the source of this bond for puppies. In her future life, she will be able to form — in the words of our forefathers — a more perfect union.

Georgia lives in an age of possibility. Three weeks ago, she was a skinny, frightened, gray-muzzled dog in a shelter with an uncertain today and an uncertain tomorrow. Two weeks ago, she had ear and lung infections so bad that her white blood cell levels were too irregular for safe anesthesia. She would not eat — not even the finest of canned foods rolled into gourmet meatballs hand fed by her foster mama. Georgia was rightly concerned for her stability, her safety, and her future.

But the era of concern is over for Georgia. Her finest advisors conducted a thorough audit, and determined that her governance and framework are sound. Her blood — once fighting severe infections — now flows healthy, vibrant and clean like a mighty river. Her skin — once plagued by dryness and flakes — is now on the mend. Her rough, calloused elbows — once deteriorating from a life spent sleeping on concrete — are now cushioned by soft pillows, dog beds, and grass wherever she lays down for a rest.

Still, Georgia cannot let her guard down. Georgia faces the challenge of aggression by rogue allergies. These allergies are nameless and faceless and hover in the shadows of Georgia’s society, too cowardly to show themselves in the light. Georgia looks to us and trusts us to help her seek the peace and freedom from these allergies, and we shall not retreat without striking them down. We are yet unsure of the borders of the war we face, but we have taken on wheat, grain, and poultry with isolationism, and a military of antihistamines that leaves Georgia stronger than ever before. If we address these threats today, Georgia will never have to suffer the consequences in all her tomorrows.

Last week we made a landmark decision about Georgia’s dental health. A tooth with a root exposed is no benefit to Georgia or to society. So just as we always seek to extract greed, violence, and hatred from our great nation, we extracted a tooth from Georgia’s mouth. We’ve created a mouth that makes it easier to eat, play, and chew with satisfaction. That’s something we should all be proud of, because just days ago, Georgia’s dental state was uncertain.

My fellow dog lovers, with our great society behind her, Georgia will rise to every occasion and meet every challenge. This age of possibility is not just for Georgia, but for all homeless dogs.

Our Georgia is and always has been a good dog. But the best is yet to come, if we all do our part.

Thank you, and God bless dog.


34 responses

  1. I LOVE this post!!! Great to hear Georgia is doing so well. Good luck with the allergies. They are sneaky bastards, several of mine have fought valiant battles against them too 🙂

  2. I cast my vote for Georgia! Wouldn’t it be great to have Chick as her running mate? 🙂

    Reggie is allergic to peanuts. I can’t tell you how long it took to figure that out! So no peanut butter filled kongs for him.

  3. Georgia, you always had my vote! I hope you beat those allergies soon. (My cat has seasonal allergies and he pulls his hair out.)

  4. Yay Georgia! I’d vote for her any day! Can Ginger be her Secretary of State?!

    As far as allergies go, if she has any skin rashes from said allergies, the lady who fostered Lucy recommended Emu Oil. I guess she SWEARS by it for hot spots or allergic reactions. I haven’t tried it yet but it is supposed to be a really good, holistic treatment for the dogs (and it’s safe for them if they lick it).

    Glad to hear Georgia is on the mend! A beauty like her deserves only the best!

  5. Whoa whoa whoa. Isn’t Gonzo still running for office? I know he’s moved but I’m pretty sure he still has a legion of supporters out there 🙂

    I’m glad Georgia’s doing well! Allergies are no fun to deal with though 😦 Boo has grain allergies, but that’s pretty easy to deal with. I hope she conquers those allergies soon!

  6. Tell Georgia that she’ll be much happier without that pesky tooth. Our cat ultimately had to have most of her teeth taken out due to decay issues, but she’s quite good at gumming along and still eats her kibbles with gusto.

  7. Allergies, yuck! We just recently dealt with our own saga of “find out what’s making our puppy ill”. Thanfully we did and our problems have been resolved. Hopefully that was the last of it for us and for Curious Georgia. I hope she is feeling much better!

  8. She’s totally got our vote! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a politician make such a dramatic upheaval with resulting change for the better in such a short period of time before. Go Georgia!!!

  9. Yeah for being strong enough to get fixed and have a tooth removed. So glad to hear that Georgia’s health is on the rise. Best of luck conquering those allergies – that can be a long, tough road to find the true culprit.

  10. Hey given thatChick lets her share his bed, and he as voted for her I think the rest of us must and Gonzo will be a perfect Secretary of State!

  11. This is a fabulous post! I’m glad Georgia is doing better. Allergies are awful. (Diamond is fighting a similar battle against dust allergies. Dust mites are an insidious and pervasive enemy, and she’s been forced to make an uneasy truce with baths, needles, and the vacuum cleaner in order to defeat them.)

  12. I’m finally catching up with Georgia’s unfolding tale. She seems like such a sweetheart, I’m happy your paths met!

    That e-collar caught my attention. One of our furry family members has frequent ear problems and very irritable skin. We’re working on fixing the root of the problem but for now he has a dreadful plastic e-collar and it can be problematic. Big dog means big cone, and it hits and gets caught on everything in the house and yard. How do you like the soft one that Georgia’s wearing here?

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