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  1. She is such a pretty girl! Where did you get a soft cone? That would have been wonderful the couple of times we needed to use the horrible cone here.

  2. that cone is so much nicer than the plastic ones. basil FREAKED OUT when he had to wear one. it lasted about 5 seconds bc we thought he was going to hurt himself or take out all the furniture (and probably hurt himself).

    does georgia have allergies? her feet look painful. 😦 hopefully they aren’t!

    (and the hate-my-cone picture is the best!)

  3. Next time I need a cone for my dog, it’s one of those soft ones – saw them at Petco the other day. Just under $30, I believe. Love that last photo of Chick and Georgia inside the cone – what’s going on in there?!

  4. Oh, I love that smooch going on with the cone in the last picture. I think we should get one of the smooshy cones. We have the plastic one that makes them look like an astronaut. We think it’s so funny how Miss M tries to get in her crate while wearing it.

  5. Oh, Georgia…that picture of you hating your cone might be one of the Most Pitifulest pictures I ever saw. Did you at least get some extra noms out of it?

    BUTT…that last picture is SO super cute! See? There are SOME good things about a cone.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  6. I love the private smooch the cone afforded! As a vet nurse, I see alot of dogs coping with their cones for the 1st time – not a pretty sight 😦
    I do so love your photography!

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