Little Zee’s Fabulous Four Adoption Special at MCHS!!

Hey guys, it’s me Chick, your favorite pit bull! And have I got great news for you!!

Tomorrow is National Pit Bull Awareness Day, and in honor of that, my former foster sister Little Zee and I have put our giant brains together and sponsored a special adoption event at the Montgomery County Humane Society!

You may recall when we did a special fundraiser for Little Zee’s medical care. Well we raised much more than we needed, and Zee generously agreed to use some of her extra monies to sponsor the adoption fees of a few other very special pit bull type dogs at her very own shelter of origin, MCHS. For a limited time only, all adoption fees are sponsored for Little Zee’s Fabulous Four — that means you can adopt one of Zee’s custom-selected pit bulls for free, and only pay the $25 microchip fee. And these lovely dogs are all spayed/neutered, tested for heartworm and other ickies, vaccinated, and come with Little Zee’s stamp of approval. Wowza, what a deal!!

Friends, these four dogs were selected because they have a special place in Foster Mom’s heart, and all have fantastic evaluations from the shelter. All they need is a little spotlight to shine on them, and we hope they’ll be adopted in a flash. And after they’re adopted, Little Zee and I will appoint NEW dogs to the elite “Fabulous Four” team to take their place! And as our wonderbulls are adopted, they will free up cage space for other great dogs in need. We’ll all be saving lives together!

But you can help!! Please spread the word about this awesome adoption special by re-posting this blog on facebook, on your own blogs, and emailing it to your DC area friends who might be looking for a new best friend.

As mama always says — you can’t put a price on a good dog’s love. But as I would say, right now you can bring that good dog home for just $25! Here’s the lucky line up. Our Fabulous Four of wonderbulls:


We’re not sure how Beamer’s name was picked, but we do know that it suits him perfectly. Happiness just bubbles out of this little guy’s ears, and his future family will be beaming every time they’re around him too — he’s that lovable and charming. Beamer is about 8 months old and a very quick learner. It’s tough for a lot of pooches his age to concentrate, but if you have treats in your hand, he’s with you 100%. This valuable skill will make him a delight to train, and very attentive to his future family! He also loves to be petted, and basks in the glory of human affection and attention. And seriously– could he be any cuter?


Kerry is just a silly little wiggle-butt! She is three years old, playful and fun, confident and touch-oriented. When you lean over to scratch her butt, she will curve her body into a little u-turn shape to show you how much she loves your attention. That’s a special move I taught her, by the way. When you call her name, she sometimes cocks her head to the side in a mischevious way, to show you she’s listening. Her ears are lopsided and adorable, and get her tons of attention. She walks well on leash and seems good with calm male dogs. She’s a volunteer favorite!


Sloane loves to party! She is an eight-month-old pup who is full of bubbly exuberance and puppy energy, and it’s infectious. Spend a little time with this girl and she’ll have you wiggling, jumping, and grinning from ear to ear. We can’t put our finger on what it is about this girl, but she has some kind of gravitational pull that makes people want to touch her, play with her, kiss her, and look into her eyes. Go meet her. You’ll fall in love, and she’ll be the most loyal companion you’ve ever known.


Oh, Diamond. Can you get enough of that adorable mug, that patchy eye, and that sweet underbite? Diamond’s face is absolutely irresistible. She is a sweet girl, well behaved, and desparately wants a home of her own. We don’t know where she lived before, but we know that she was well fed — Diamond would love a forever-companion who will take her for long walks to help her burn off a few extra pounds. But in the meantime, I hear she makes a great pillow and loves to be touched. Diamond seems fine with dogs and is great with all people. She’s a sensitive girl who gently closes her eyes when the wind blows, and will flip over onto her back for a belly rub at a moment’s notice. She is so beautiful that people stop dead in their tracks to stare and ask about her. Come check her out!

I hope you’re as excited about my Fabulous Four as I am, friends! Now go book MCHS in your calendar for tomorrow so you can snatch up one of these wonderbulls for yourself, or if you live too far, tell your DC area friends to come check them out. These dogs will truly love you as much as the day is long!

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  1. Oh Chick and Zee, you two are so sweet to plan this! All of those dogs are BE-YOOO-TEE-FUL!!!! This is awesome! I will definitely re-post to Facebook!!!!

  2. Good luck to the Fab Four! I am so happy that Little Zee’s extra funds are going to help these beauties! Will spread the word.

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  5. What a fantastic event you guys are inspiring. I would love to chat with you about any tips or suggestions you may have for raising money for the small pit bull rescue we are trying to get going here Alaska. You did such a phenomenal job with LIttle Z’s fundraiser, and though I know your blog is far superior and far more loved than my little corner of the web I was hoping you might have some ideas for me :). Also do you have a 501(c)3?

  6. This is so fantastic, what a terrific event. I am not at all surprised it was inspired by your hard work. Hopefully all of these dogs, and more, will find perfect, understanding homes filled with love.

    I would take Beamer home myself in a heartbeat. Or Kerry, or Sloane, or Diamond…

  7. What a great idea! I hope those wonderful dogs find their forever families soon. Please keep us posted on their progress.

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  9. Love your blog, love the work you do fostering and promoting these wonderful dogs but you need to fix the MC Humane Society link : )

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  11. Just rereading this before bedtime and reminded how much I love these little pibbies (I have to admit I think Sloane has her sweet little self wiggled into a special place in my heart) so much my heart bursts. Thank you thank you thank you for doing this.

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