50 ways to leave your lover

It’s funny, when they say that us pit bull type dogs can’t ever live with other dogs, can’t play with other dogs, and shouldn’t be around other dogs at all. Balderdash!

I’m Curious Georgia, and I’m here to tell you that that’s just plain silly.

You know that little ditty about 50 ways to leave your lover? Well I don’t know about any of that, but I do know that there are 50 ways to snuggle your Chicken. Here are just a few.

I can snuggle my Chicken with just my ear:

I can snuggle him with my whole paw:

I can snuggle him nose to nose:

I can snuggle him like a little spoon:

I can snuggle him like a nice pillow for his bum:

I can snuggle him like a nice blanket for his body:

And I can snuggle him like a nice blanket for his neck:

It doesn’t matter much to me how I snuggle or even who I snuggle — as long as you’re sweet and warm and want me to love you, I’ll be your best girl!

39 responses

  1. Those pictures are priceless! I wish I could adopt Georgia – give Chloe a friend who likes to snuggle and keep warm! Chick is going to miss her when she finds her forever home – who will be his “blanket”?

  2. Chick clearly loves Georgia’s attention. These two are so sweet together. And Georgia, well, she’s as content as a dog could be.

  3. awww, they are so cute together….Chick seems to really like her and enjoy the snuggling….Maybe you guys will decide to make Georgia his permanent blankie? lol

  4. Gosh, Georgia! You’re a champion snuggler for sure. I took notes cuz I haven’t tried some of those snuggle positions. Although I have to be kind of a sneaky snuggler with Brudder Ranger cuz he SAYS he doesn’t like to snuggle. But sometimes I snuggle with him when he’s asleep and can’t do anything about it.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  5. I think Chick must have called Turk and told him the joys of snuggling an elderbelle because lately Turk has been snuggling on Ginger and it’s soooo cute! I need to snap a photo of it soon! Chick + Georgia = Lurve!

  6. This post is my favorite yet! as if I dont say that everyday…these snuggle pics are soooo cute…Georgia looks so much like my Beauty and I just love Love LOVE these snuggle pics…I had to just save them all to my computer and made them my screensaver slideshow…Sooo cute…Sir Chick is the BESTEST foster BROTHER EVER! He is so tolerant 🙂 just wanna hug him

  7. Today’s blog is one of your cutest….and that is saying something…especially since I go all the way back to the beginning…

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