Time’s up!

Well folks, the time is really here. The moving truck comes on Wednesday to take our whole life — packed into little boxes and labeled with a sharpie — and move it to Austin, where we’ll make our home for good.

Many of you probably thought we were totally nuts taking in a new foster — Curious Georgia — just two weeks before our scheduled move date. What would become of her when we left? Would she go back to the shelter?

But c’mon — you know us better than that by now! We are crazy, yes. Certainly. But we wouldn’t dream of taking a dog in without being able to ensure its comfort, safety, and spoiledness. In fact, we have had a brilliant plan in place all along. A good fostering friend of ours, Juliana, just happened to be dogless and could not take a new dog until today. We had space and capacity to care for a dog until our move, but it had to be gone by tomorrow. Curious Georgia was floundering at the shelter — having lost nine pounds in the two months she lived there — and needed to get into foster care ASAP, since capacity was nonexistent and she was on The List. One look into her honey eyes and a quick knowing glance between Juliana and me, and we had a perfect match. I took her home the next day.

It’s been a fast two weeks with Georgia. I fell for her the minute she crawled into my lap (which was ten minutes after we met), and Chick fell for her in just two days. For the first time in a long time, I think it’s safe to say that both we and our Chick will miss this foster dog when she moves on to the next chapter of her life.

I will miss her smooshiness and how warm my left side is.

After the moving trucks come, we’re heading out to California for two weeks of adventuring. Hiking and camping are on the agenda, as are great meals and great drinks. We’re also going to drop in on some of our favorite dog people — including a trip to the BAD RAP Barn, a weekend Hikeabull hike, and maybe even a visit with Our Pack. Who knows– if we get inspired, we might even check out the Lagunitas brewery.

While we travel, we will be posting guest blogs from some of our favorite and most experienced foster families, sharing their perspectives. We will write about foster mom’s experiences at a recent week-long training program at Animal Farm Foundation, focused on best practices in advocacy, adoptions, and sheltering for pit bull type dogs. Other goodies are in store too. When we get settled in Austin, we plan to start fostering again very quickly. In fact, our application is already in with Love-a-Bull!

As much as we’re excited to get out of town and spend two weeks wandering wherever the warm wind blows, Sir Chick and Georgia will be on our minds.

Mama, please don't go.

For those who played our little “guess who’s a pit bull” game inΒ Saturday’s post: Chick (the handsome white dog) is 50% American Bulldog, between 25% and 50% English Pointer, and between 0 and 25% mystery dog. Pancho (the lovely dark dog) is 50% American Staffordshire Terrier, 12% Brittany Spaniel, and 38% mystery dog. Does this mean that Chick is not a pit bull but Pancho is a pit bull? Or are they both pit bulls? Or is neither actually a pit bull? Or are they both a pointer mix, because Chick’s DNA says he IS a pointer mix and Pancho actually looks like a pointer mix? We think all of the above. And none of the above. What a head-scratcher.

30 responses

  1. You will be missed! Thank you for sharing all your adventures in DC. I’m so glad Georgia will go to another great foster home. Please, please, please, keep posting after you get settled! I’m missing Sir Chick already.

  2. Awwww, if you ever come back up this way after you move you must let me know. Still want to get some coffee or something with you all. Fall is always just crazy around here, and it seems to be the case for you all too. I hope you have a blast on your 2 weeks of adventure, and that your move goes quickly and smoothly. Will chick be staying with your parents till you move? Have fun!

  3. Enjoy a great vacation! Looking forward to the guest posts you’ve lined up.

    And can’t wait for all the updates when you get settled:

    Will Chick ever fall in love again? Will Georgia continue to regain her girlish figure in Juliana’s home. And just how much better is the Austin music scene than that in DC?

    Stay tuned for further adventures…

  4. Sigh…I’m gonna miss Georgia! I sure hope we’ll get an update when she finds her Most Pawfect Home That Ever Was.

    Have fun on your moving adventure! I can hardly wait to hear all abouts it. Oh, and be super safe, too, okay?

    You know what kind of doggies I think Chick and Pancho are? I think they’re ONE-of-a-kind. Yep.

    Wiggles & WAgs,

    • Well said Mayzie-I think Chick is going to miss his little flirty gal pal! I know you wil let us know what happens with sweet Georgia. Safe travels!

  5. Wow! It must be moving week! We take off on Sunday to head south! Crazy that it’s already time! Safe travels and enjoy CA! I can’t wait to see all the pictures! Has Chick been preparing for his goodbyes to Georgia? Poor guy will be heartbroken without his lady love!

  6. your vacation sounds incredible! so nice that you could take advantage of the in-between-time of moving/new jobs. good luck with everything! looking forward to reading about your adventures!

  7. Moving truck on Wednesday! Oh my goodness, you are amazing to have time to blog, much less foster and blog. I live about 1 mile from the Lagunitas Brewery! They have a great outdoor seating area, and everyone brings their dogs to hang out, eat (they have fabulous paninis) and drink, and listen to live music. If you end up making it there and want to meet up, or need anything else while you’re out this way, please feel free to contact me!

  8. Wishing you safe and happy travels in your cross country trip! Looking forward to your guest posters.
    Will Sir Chick be joining you on the adventure? Good luck to Miss Georgia. I hope to get some updates about her too.

  9. Good luck, Georgia!! I hope we hear more about you in the coming days/weeks/months.

    Will Chick be making the trip to California with you & hubby? Love the pic with his ears down – he’s such a cutie!!

    Have a safe trip and can’t wait to hear more once you’re settled.

  10. I’ve been so busy, I’ve fallen behind on your news and suddenly time’s up! I never doubted you would have a solid plan for Georgia, that lucky girl. Will you be down in Southern California at all? If so, let me know if you’d like to hook up. I’d love to meet you. So would Tommy and Louise!

  11. Oh you are going to be out my way! I hope the weather stays like it is right now so you guys get a chance to enjoy NorCal. πŸ™‚ I keep trying to get to a hikeabull hike but have yet to make it :-\ Have a safe trip!

  12. Good luck and you will be missed!! Alex just told me the other day, “I wish I had met her sooner,” and I agreed! We know you will still be doing your amazing work, just in another city.

    I must ask, HOW are you going to survive 2 weeks with Sir Chick?!?! (That was from Fred and Angel) πŸ™‚

  13. I’m going to miss having you nearby- so sorry we never managed to meet up for photography but so NOT sorry we got in touch. Thank you for all you do for the pit bulls and love to your babies.

  14. Going to miss having you guys right up the road from me, but glad to know that you’re heading home and that Georgia will be safe.

  15. Oh, my! Have so so so much fun in CA! It’s been almost a year since Scott and I spent our 2 year anniversary there for 10 days! We talk about it STILL at least once a week. “Remember when…?!” I hope you take a billion photos! After our trip, we made a big, fat Blurb photo book. It’s been sitting on our coffee table ever since.

    That last photo melts my heart so much.

  16. Best of luck to Miss Georgia! She is quite the cutie and I’m sure will be snatched up in no time.

    Hope you and your hubby have a wonderful trip and an easy move (if there is such a thing?) Looking forward to updates!

  17. Good luck with the move and enjoy your holiday. As for the ‘guess the breed’ game, I am terrible at it. In Australia we call a dog of unknown origin a ‘bitsa’ from bits of this and bits of that. So both Chick and Pancho are bitsas πŸ™‚ It just shows the futility of judging a dog on its looks alone. My dogs are both purebreds and their personalities couldn’t be more different.
    As for Georgia, well I will continue to follow this little cutie’s progress on Juliana’s site and hope that the right family for her comes along very soon.

  18. Boo-hoo, we’ll miss you! I can’t blame you for going westward, though, my friend. I’ll look forward to updates on the doggie scene in TX and I’ll always be thankful for your helpful blog-vice. Hope the travels are a blast–sounds like you’ve got a great interlude planned. Lots of cool noses and warm paws to light you on your journey!

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