A twist of fate: Georgia is Adopted!

All weekend long we were squirming from having to keep the beans in the can, but today we can reveal our big news: Georgia is adopted!!

Can you believe it? Fate was on our Georgia’s side, and we are thrilled to announce that Curious Georgia has been adopted by a wonderful Baltimore couple. She has just moved into her new home — a gorgeous 1920s row house in a lovely, quiet, green neighborhood, with her two amazing, sweet, tender-hearted parents and two lovely kitty brothers, TJ and Toby.

I wish we could boast that we had a feeling when we pulled Georgia just two weeks before our big move to Texas that we could get her adopted in a snap — but we had no idea. We were feeling pretty clever with our plan to pull her, care for her for two weeks, and transfer her to our dear friend Juliana — another brilliant foster, writer, photographer, and blogger.

This would have been a win-win situation for everybody. Each of you would have gained a wonderful new blog to follow, you could have continued to track Curious G’s progress in foster care, and we still had the pleasure of sharing our home and our bed with Georgia for two sweet weeks. Needless to say, the adoption was a hiccup in the plan, but oh, such a beautiful and happy one! Georgia has gone to her perfect new home, which will free up Juliana’s home for another worthy dog. Stay tuned to her blog for news on who she will next bring home next week!

We first met Georgia’s mama ML when we were fostering Little Zee. She was immediately taken by Zee’s beauty and laid-back nature. She and her hunny were thinking about adopting their first dog, and Zee and I walked into their life via a visit to the beautiful shop where she works. Unfortunately, Zee was not meant to be for them, because she would not do well in a house with cats. Luckily Zee found the right home, and Georgia joined us at Casa Fosterfamily. A few days later, Georgia and I were wandering around town, and we ran into ML again. Georgia turned on the charm, and made her way into ML’s lap just seconds after meeting her. It was love:

After another visit, this time with dad-elect R, they were truly charmed: “We both feel like she is an amazing fit for us in every way.  I could not have dreamed up a dog this ideal!  We love her sweet temperament, her cuddling, and her handsome sniffing face.”

I will sniff my way right into your heart . . . and your home !

A meet-and-greet with the kittehs –which went great — sealed the deal.

Georgia will be living the dream with ML, R, and the two kitties. They are both artists whose flexible work schedules mean that Curious G will only be home alone three days per week, and even then, the days are relatively short and R can come home at lunchtime to give her a pee break and a nice snuggle. ML’s shop is dog-friendly, and Georgia will even be able to come along and be a shop dog now and then!

They have a nice sunny grassy patch out back for G to roll around in — something she did as soon as we stepped out into the yard during our home visit. Her parents have already fallen deeply in love with her, and her kitteh brothers are sure to follow suit. What more could a Curious Georgia want?

Congrats, Georgia. We will miss you, but couldn’t be more thrilled and optimistic for your bright new future!

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  1. Fabulous news! I’m so happy for Georgia and her new parents. Major kudos to you, your hubby and Juliana for hatching the plan that got her to her perfect home. You guys work miracles.

  2. Such happy news!! A picture truly is worth a thousand words – just look at Georgia’s face….and those of her new mommy & daddy. Happiness and contentment reign!!

  3. YIPPPPEEEE!!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!! YAY!!!! Oh, I am so very much happy that I can hardly keep from wiggling. Gosh, think of all the things that had to happen for Georgia to find her furever family. Sometimes there are things that are just meant to be. My mom says that and I sure do believes it!

    Have a wonderful, happy life, Miss Georgia!

    Wiggles & WAgs,

  4. OMG!! What wonderful news for another wonderful dog. Georgia, and everybody, I’m so happy for all of you. You know, of course, that Cherry (one of the Vicktory dogs) just adooooores his kitty siblings, too. I hope you’ll send us all updates. Thanks for taking Georgia into your hearts and into your home.

  5. Yay Georgia! This gets my day started out in the best way of all. I’m so happy for Georgia and her new family!

  6. I can personally attest that these people are going to be wonderful doggie parents- the folks at Trohv have known my pit bull mix since she was a tiny pup and are awesome. Plus it’s my understanding that they have already reached out to be sure that they are doing the right things as good doggie parents. I look forward to running in to Georgia here in Baltimore! Welcome to the club everyone!

  7. Congratulations Georgia! Thanks for sharing your beautiful honey eyes with us! So glad you were saved so you can charm the pants off everyone you meet! 🙂

  8. Isn’t it great when you just find that perfect family?? Georgia is a rockstar!

    And how am I going on 2 weeks with my 9 week old pit/lab foster puppies?? I need to start blogging about them!

  9. Magic! You pulled those adopters out of your sleeve. What else you got in there?! Hooray for Georgia–sounds like an absolutely perfect situation for her and for the couple. You and your husband made it happen–you both are amazing!

  10. Many congratulations to Georgia’s new family! They are getting a huge winner of a dog and I think they might just be smart enough to understand how lucky they are.

    Congratulations to you as well on ending your Washington chapter on such a high note! I am excited to see what will be waiting for you in Texas. Best wishes and bon voyage!

  11. This is awesome! I agree with Brooke & Darwin … you guys are obviously the fostering gurus … how lucky is Georgia right now? (And how lucky are all of us to have known her, however briefly, through your blog!)

    Georgia, you will stay on our minds, and we wish you much love and happiness with your new family.

  12. I knew it! She is such a special girl, how could one help but love her?
    She almost looks as if she’s saying “Are these really MY people to love and huggle me forever”?
    Congratulations to Georgia and her wonderful new family.

  13. Such a high note to start your new life with. It’s nice not to leave unfinished business in DC although I know your friend would have given Georgia a great foster home. I’m sure Georgia is happy for the chance to settle in with her new family right away.

    Hope moving day goes well. Can’t wait to learn all about your foster pups with Texas accents.

  14. I know R and ML personally. They are wonderful people. I am sure they will be fantastic parents, I am very glad that everyone, including Georgiana, is happy.

  15. That is wonderful. Lucky Georgia, now she has a family of her own. And thanks for the link to Juliana’s blog. I already read it front-to-back : )

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