A letter to Curious Georgia in her new home

Dear Georgia,

Do you remember the day we met? I walked back into the office at the shelter, where the rescue, foster, and marketing folks sit, and there you were. You were the saddest dog I have ever seen. Your honey eyes were so timid and uncertain. You had already come such a long way with the care of shelter staff who had saved you at your “last call.” It was difficult for me to imagine.  I tried to pet you, and your tail tucked between your legs a little. What did you think of me?

Moments later, you had started to come around, quickly realizing that my lap was a warmer place to nap than your dog bed, and I whispered in your ear “I think I love you.” and it was true. It still is true.

Georgia, it was a little crazy and a little impulsive of us to bring you home right as we were packing up our lives for our grand adventure and a big move across the country. But looking at you, and feeling your warm, tender, trusting body snoozing gently in my lap, how could I say no?

Georgia at the shelter, the day we met.

Georgia's world opened up once she came home.

We learn from each foster dog that we are lucky to share our life with. But Curious G, we learned something extra-special from you– something that we hope others see as well, and hold in their hearts and act upon when they have the opportunity. Georgia, we didn’t think we could give you everything you needed to find a good home. But we knew we could give you a part of it — a start, at least. We had no idea if it would pay off, but look at you — cozy and happy in your new home with your mom and dad and your two kitty brothers — it obviously payed off. If everybody took a chance now and then and did a little bit, even if they can’t do everything, how many lives could be affected? For us, it was a simple act– an agreement to take you into our home for just two weeks and find a transition plan for you. It changed your world for the better.

We learned another big lesson about fostering, too. Lollie Wonderdog was with us 3.5 months. Gonzo Bunny-Ears was here two months. Stevie Wonder? Also two months. Little Zee was here five weeks. And you, Georgia? How long were you with us before you found your perfect dream family and went home? Two weeks and two days. Of course this trend will not continue.  And when we start over and set up in Austin, we will be starting from scratch in many ways. But taking you in and finding your family so quickly made us ponder — is there an economies of scale effect with fostering? Could it be that the longer we keep fostering, writing about it, making new contacts and meeting new friends, the more likely we will be to swiftly find homes for dogs in our care? We’re not certain, but we sure do hope so.

None of this is meant to discount how incredibly adoptable you are. You walked into our lives and we were amazed at how perfectly you behaved. No potty training accidents, no crying or barking, no jumping up, no stealing food, no escaping through the door or over the fence, no difficulty introducing you to kids, dogs, adults, new situations, nothing. You were — and are — perfect. It’s no wonder ML and R fell in love and adopted you as quickly as they could.

Curious Georgia, you have a dazzling life ahead of you. Seeing you so happy, comfortable, and steady at our visit to your new home was a rare pleasure in life. You had such a good time sniffing your new dad’s beard — I bet he didn’t even know that beards are your absolute favorite sniffing subject. And after 10 minutes of exploring, you hunkered down on the floor for a little nap. You melted their hearts just like you melted ours.

We know you won’t forget all of the things you learned in your short time with us. Where you used to flatten to the ground and whimper, you now take stairs with grace and ease. Where you seemed frightened of all dogs when you first came to us, you learned to love and snuggle with your foster brother Chick and sniff happily with our neighborhood dogs through fences. You weren’t sure what to make of strangers at first, but now you know the right thing to do: walk tenderly up to them and rest your face gently against their leg, requesting a hug.

Georgia, we wish you a life full of people to hug, dogs to snuggle, and beards to sniff. When we handed your new leash over to your new dad a few days ago, we felt as happy and confident as we possibly could that we were sending you off to the perfect, beautiful life you have long deserved.

With much love,

Foster mom, Foster dad, and Sir Chick (who already feels a little chilly without your sweet little head keeping his neck warm during naptime)


**Tomorrow is a special day for us — come back and help us celebrate!**

24 responses

  1. Georgia’s eyes are so expressive; she wears her heart on her sleeve.

    Georgia, you deserve every kindness sent your way. And you received them all–first at the shelter, then with your foster family, and now with your forever family. You are a stunner.

    I look forward to hearing from you when you start fostering in Texas where you have lots of work ahead of you. As always, thanks for the letters you write to each sweet foster as they move on.

  2. I cried when reading this – so well put and straight from the heart. Georgia is a lucky girl to have crossed paths with you, your husband and Chick. Now she’s in her forever home – happy and safe – how rewarding must that be!! Thank you for all you do. Safe travels!!

  3. The difference between picture one and picture two says more than any number of letters could ever say. If this story convinces one family to take a second look at the shy creature in the back of a kennel, you’ve done so much for all us shelter-dog “second chance” lovers.
    Thanks Aleksandra.

  4. You do it to me every time! Love this one just as much as all the rest. *sniffle*

    How fitting to have this letter fall just one day ahead of your one year blog anniversary. Perfect bookend 🙂

  5. How do you find the time to do it all? The fostering; the patience and love; the time to find just the right words to catch the hearts of total strangers – not to mention hold a full-time job; have a life full of friends, family and love; move across the country just because it’s right for you. The list goes on and on! On behalf of all of your fosters and all of us who follow your adventures enthusiastically, thank you! We can’t wait for more!

  6. Lately I am so used to crying over sad moments, that is actually feels refreshing to tear up over something so happy. Georgia was lucky to find you when she did and it’s amazing how much her life has changed in such a short time. You two are a serious force of nature.The dogs of Austin better be ready for you!

    Can’t wait to join in a happy celebration!

  7. Ditto Kristine! I’ve gotten a lot of sad news lately in a variety of different arenas, so having to blink back tears of joy is a great feeling right now. Thank you for opening your home and heart to Georgia, thank you for allowing us to know her through you, and thank you to her new family for knowing a good thing when they saw it, and stepping in to offer her a forever home at just the perfect time.

    Looking forward to another shot of happy tomorrow – we’ll be sure to check back!

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  9. What a sweetie Georgie is 🙂 I def see myself having a pittie in the future and yes very good odds of it being a rescue 🙂 Im getting my 1st very own show puppy next summer. A black female standard poodle. I have been waiting for this one for many years. Next will probably be a male rottweiler (probably show dog too). Then since I love multiple dogs that is when the rescue pitty will come in 🙂 of course none of this is set in stone (well the puppy next year is pretty much). Can’t wait to have a puppy in my life again been 12 yrs 🙂 good luck with the move 🙂

    • How interesting, do you show dogs? One of our blogging friends shows her Vizsla (sp?) — you can find her at http://akgvizslainspiration.wordpress.com/. Rescue dogs around the world would rejoice if you ended up with a female pit bull type dog alongside your elite papered dogs. Sometimes I think the absolute best advocacy is done by those who have “fancy” dogs alongside rescue dogs. It really helps people of all backgrounds realize that dogs are just dogs, no matter where they come from!

      • I have shown when I was young but haven’t done it over 20 yrs. But have a bunch of friends who show that I have been involved with 🙂 Im really excited about this puppy 🙂 And if it turns out she doesn’t like to show that is ok 🙂 we are going to do lots of fun things together anyway 🙂 The show world is a bit different here in europe from USA. Most of my dogs/cats/fish/turtles have been rescues so it is going to be fun doing this. But I firmly believe that there will be more rescues in my life. Hopefully they will be in better health than the ones I’ve had in the past lol. But that is ok too 🙂
        Exactly dogs are awesome no matter where they come from 🙂 I have always had multiples and want to have them again 🙂 Who knows what I will end up with 🙂

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