Brown paper packages tied up with strings

As though adoptable Miss Dora the Explora isn’t spoiled enough — sunning herself in our back yard, eating all of her food out of fun games and puzzles, snuggling with us on a chair made for one — she got a package in the mail yesterday. And it was full of surprises!

When we moved to Austin and changed our phone numbers to local ones, the first order of business was ordering new dog tags, lickety-split. Our friend at Sirius Republic makes beautiful oversized ones, hand stamped with a name and phone number. Since all of our dogs have oversized personalities, we thought they would benefit from jumbo tags to match. Chick got one with his name, my number, and a star (since he is a star, and to match the stars on his Paco Collar). We ordered a generic foster one as well, so that the tag can stay with us even as fosters move to their new homes and we pick up new ones. We have had a few foster tags with different words (“foster” and “wonderdog” were two recent ones), and this time we labeled our foster tag with “reward” after a friend pointed out that pit bulls are often thrown out of cars or abandoned in parking lots, and many kind citizens just assume they are unwanted, even if they have tags.

Honestly, I knew something was amiss when I got home to a package from Sirius that was far too large to hold just two tags. I ripped it open before even setting down my keys, and was so delighted to find a gorgeous blue and green-hearted martingdale collar (the same Seahorse print that Sirius cover model Chilly the Elderbull wears), and a fanciful hand-made matching flower!

Dora loves her new outfit and can’t wait to win hearts all across Texas with it. She is also quite flattered to be wearing the matching flower accessory that isn’t even available for sale yet. So exclusive! She hopes to make you proud, Sirius Republic!

For more info on adopting Dora the Explorer, click here or contact us at info [at] loveandaleash [dot] com.

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  1. Dora, you are a top model! The flower just puts the frosting on the pitty cake. BTW: Sapphire blue is most definitely your color. Don’t leave home without it.

  2. she looks gorgeous! such a sweet flower and a happy collar!

    great idea putting “reward” on the tag, i would have never thought of that. we have “blind and deaf” on the back of basil’s and “if you like her, you can keep her” on lola’s. kidding!

  3. Sirius Republic rocks!! Chloe has a martingale collar from them and she gets so many compliments when we’re out and about! But she doesn’t have a matching flower and now that she’s seen Dora’s, well….she’s threatening to pitch a fit!! Great idea putting “reward” on the tag….wish I had thought of that as well. Great pics as always!

  4. Dora, you supermodel you! You look stunning in your new digs, those colors are beautiful on you! And your momma is VERY smart to put “reward” on your tag, I think I will have to borrow that idea for our babies…our Furever as well as our foster.

  5. Awwww! She is STUNNING. The pictures are great, especially th second one. Makes me want to take her home today.. but Utah is a little far 😉 one of these days we will find a local foster just right for our family- hope she is as cute as dora!

  6. I love Dora’s face, it’s sweet, expressive and happy all rolled up in one. The collar? Added bonus that just accentuates her beauty.

  7. Beautiful! I once bought an uber-pricey collar only to have it start to fall apart after a few wears, now we’re back to basics. Don’t scratch it to pieces Dora!

    • Rachel, We have purchased Sirius Republic collars for each of our fosters since last summer, and they are still all in great shape after months of 24/7 wear. A lot of our friends have them for their own dogs, too. The woman who makes them has a pit bull and a doberman of her own who product test for her. They are made from very strong materials, reinforced and reinforced again, and treated with scotchguard so that they can just be tossed in the wash when they start to turn dingy. May be worth a look if you’re thinking about trying something whimsical and cute again – and they are affordable, too . . . Aleks

      • Love those collars! I just ordered 2 + shipping for less than the last collar that didn’t hold up well (purchased elsewhere). The patterns are adorable!

  8. Love, love, love!!! Dora looks absolutely stunning with that magnificent collar around her neck! What a nice treat!

  9. Great collar for her! I love the pattern and colors.
    I really do need to be better about putting tags on my dogs. I guess we get lazy when we live in the “country.” I like the reward idea too, we have the metal tags with out info on it on our hunting collars, the ones that are snapped right along the collar. I heard a hunting dog owner mention a great tip. Another thing to add to those longer tags is “needs meds daily!” Even if it’s not true it might prompt people to get to finding the owner quickly. I thought it was a clever idea, and on those same hunting collars people will often put 2 tags on if they need more room for info. Granted some of these hunting dogs can really shake a leg and put some distance on so it’s often even more important.
    Take care

  10. Oh, how beautiful! (all three!)

    Good to learn about Sirius as a company, as well (the workmanship looks great, that they sent you a free collar, and what you said about the collar in the comments). I’ve sometimes wondered about that kind of collar for Elka (a Doberman) but wasn’t sure if it was just a “house collar” or not.


  12. Beautiul collar for a beautiful girl!!! My mom plans on ordering me a Christmas collar for next year and I’m hoping she throws in an ubber cool dog tag too! And maybe the fancy clip so I can easily transfer my tags to my other 2 great SR collars 🙂

  13. I love hearing how these small companies help with fostering in their own way! I have loved the tags they make for years-several pups in the hood sport the “Scratch My Butt” tag on the festive collars!
    Thanks for the new pictures-any coming of Chick and Dora together?

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