Dora’s wish: a home for the holidays!

There are two things I say to adoptable Dora the Explorer every day when I come into her room and she gets up woozily from her snuggly little nest in her crate and does a nice downward dog to salute the morning. The first is “Good morning, cutest girl in the world!” and the second is “Baby, you can stay as long as you want.” And as I open the latch and give her the “OK” that releases her from her patient, perfect sit into a happy, bouncy, wiggly storm in my arms, I believe that both are true. Dora the Explorer’s gentle sweetness, her silly, easygoing happiness, her soft, thick fur, and her precious little underbite really make her a keeper.

But not a keeper for us. As soon as we find Dora her perfect forever-home, we can’t wait to welcome another homeless, needy pit bull into our lives and our hearts, just as we have done eight times before. That’s the promise we made ourselves when we opened our home to our very first foster dog.

This morning when Dora greeted me with her wiggling bottom and her sniffing face, I thought I heard her whisper a question: “Mama, can I have my own home for the holidays?

I don’t know, sweet girl. The holidays are awfully soon, but with the help of our blog friends, we sure can try.

For more info on adopting Dora the Explorer, click here or contact us at info [at] loveandaleash [dot] com.

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  1. Dora would be the perfect Christmas gift and I hope that someone reading your blog takes the necessary steps to open their hearts to this beautiful little girl! The photos and mention of her “wiggling bottom” will certainly help. But maybe you need to tell Santa to drop something off at your place for Dora….just in case!!

  2. I wish I could adopt her, however her perfect home WILL be found for this perfect girl when all is ready. Hoping it’s for Christmas, maybe the New Year. Sending great wishes to Dora & her family that they may find eachother soon.

  3. I really enjoy reading about Dora and your experiences with her. My husband and I foster dogs for a rescue group in Wetern North Carolina. I almost always fall in love with my foster and yet when they get adopted, I can hardly wait to help the next shelter dog in need. Thank-you for all you do for pit bulls.

  4. Oh, Dora! I hope, hope, hope that Santa Paws brings you your very own home for Christmas. Wouldn’t that be Most Wonderful? But even if he can’t get around to it before Christmas (he’s pretty busy right now, you know), I bet that’s the FIRST thing he does right afterwards. Okay, maybe the second thing – after a nap. Being out all night has GOT to be exhausting, don’t you think?

    Wiggles & Wags,

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