Bob it up a notch

So I was playing with my bob-a-lot, eating my breakfast . . .

. . . and I realized: Mom, this isn’t enough of a challenge. I’m bored!

But instead of whining — because I am NEVER a crybaby — I decided to make it more of a challenge for myself — to bob it up a notch!

Sure, bob-a-lot-ing on the floor is pretty fun already, but I am an excellent self-entertainer and I love making up games for myself.  And bob-a-lot-ing on the chair is even more fun!

And then I realized that if bob-a-lot-ing on the chair is fun, bob-a-lot-ing in the crack between the chair and the ottoman must be really fantastic.

But oops, when I bob-a-lotted into the crack, my bob-a-lot wouldn’t bob anymore.

So I bobbed it deeper into the crack, but it still wouldn’t bob.

Dora to the rescue!

But then I was back to square one, with a bob-a-lot that bobbed but was boring. Oh brother!

For more info on adopting Dora the Explorer, click here or contact us at info [at] loveandaleash [dot] com.

19 responses

  1. Wait…what is a bob-a-lot? I need something for Brutus to eat his breakfast and dinner from. He scarfs his food up and then runs to see what his brother and sister have left and if we’re not looking (like this morning) he’ll steal whatever they have. I’ve tried Kong’s, but they don’t hold enough. That looks like it would…he gets 1.5 cups at breakfast and dinner so it needs to be able to hold that.

    • Hey, this might be good, or you can try the Kong wobbler. Both are bottom-weighted food dispenser where the dog has to bat the toy around to get the food out. I love the bob a lot bc it is more adjustable and a little harder, but the Kong one is easier to fill, which would be better if you are putting 1.5 cups in there! Both are available on amazon, and I believe the wobbler is in the big pet stores too…

      typed by my trained monkey. please excuse tybos.

  2. I have learned so much from this blog!! Kong Wobbler and Bob-a-Lot!! Who knew?! Dora is not only cute, she’s smart!! Love her. Great photos….again!!

  3. We love the bob-a-lot!! Although Addie’s new “trick” is to pick it up and drop it directly on our hardwood floors because more kibble falls out. I cringe a little bit every time I hear it drop because it’s a bit heavy!

  4. I have one of those for my dog and she loves it! We call it her Weeble (as in it weebles and woobles but it doesn’t fall down). Her favorite thing to do with it is pick it up by the string and fling it around! Which, given the weight, is a slightly unnerving, but hilarious to watch.

  5. I love it! Beau also loves his Bob-A-Lot. Dora’s antics remind me of the last time we were at my parents’ house. Beau had the brilliant idea of taking his Tricky Treat Ball up to the top of their stairs, pushing it down, and eating the kibble off of each step as he went to retrieve it. We still can’t believe that a dog who lives in a single floor apartment and was once terrified of stairs immediately knew how to do that!

  6. Funny, my pup went through the exact same chair routine with his kong wobbler (minus the ottoman). He then decided the key was to chew THROUGH the wobbler to get the kibble rather than just batting it around. We still have a rather gnarly looking wobbler, but mostly stick to the Busy Buddy Twist ‘N Treat, which is amazingly quite intact.

  7. She is so smart and cute. That “I’m bored Mom” face! Adorable!!! I wish I had some suggestions as to how to make her food more interesting. My 3 dogs are such chow hounds…I give them Honest Kitchen freeze dried food and it’s down the hatch!

  8. I’m glad you posted this about the bob-a-lot and Dora! I was looking at the bobalot today since we already have the kong wobbler, but need a little more challenge.

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