Dora in the Explorer: a weekend getaway

Anybody wondering if adoptable Dora the Explorer is a “take me anywhere” kind of gal can now sleep well at night: she sure is. When an opportunity for a quick weekend visit to Galveston arose, everybody piled in the Explorer and headed off on a 3 1/2 hour drive.

Dora is a fantastic car dog. She hopped eagerly into her bed as soon as we opened the hatchback, and didn’t move or make a peep until we arrived in Galveston. The only way we knew for sure she was still back there was by climbing over the back seat and peering among the suitcases — or listening for soft snores now and again, rising from our sweet foster girl’s little nest.

Galveston weekends are always full of adventures. Upon rising to greet a beautiful sunny coastal day, the whole family went out for a nice long walk around town, and took the dogs along.

Chick already considers his grandparents’ home in Galveston to be his own vacation home, but Dora had never been to Galveston before. She loved soaking up the sun, sniffing the interesting marine air, digging enthusiastically in the sand, and generally checking everything out.

On one of our long neighborhood walks, Dora and Chick made a friend — a sweet little six-year-old boy who took a serious interest in petting and hugging both dogs. Since Dora is totally awesome with kids whereas Sir Chick does not like hugs from strangers, we encouraged their new friend to focus most of his attention and affection on Dora.

He took us on a guided tour of the park across from his house, carefully pointing out all of the botanical hazards such as thorny bushes and poisonous berries. Then he proudly posed for some photos with the dogs, insisting on holding the leashes himself. However, Dora and Chick were less interested in the photos than they were in the curious-smelling bush just off to their right.

The weekendful of long walks in an exciting new place left Dora very happy:

And very snoozy:

She napped like a champ with the rest of the family in the afternoons between activities.

Dora and Chick even conspired to audition as seeing-eye dogs during their Galveston escapades, and insisted that foster dad wear some giant sunglasses to help with the seeing-eye dog simulation. They enjoyed the exercise, but later agreed that they were not destined to be working dogs.

After all, don’t they look so much better as dogs of leisure, drinking pina coladas and sunning themselves on the porch all afternoon with their grand fosterparents?

For more info on adopting Dora the Explorer, click here or contact us at info [at] loveandaleash [dot] com.

20 responses

  1. What a life!! I hope someone falls in love with Dora after reading about her and seeing just how beautiful she is! I know I’ve fallen in love with her – how could you not?!

  2. Also jealous of your warm weather!

    It looks like you had a great trip, though. And little neighbor boy is adorable. It’s definitely nice to add to Dora’s list of why she’s awesome!

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  4. As a kid it was probably Scooby Doo. When my kids were liltte I loved Handy Manny. It didn’t matter that he came out right when my daughter was outgrowing that sorta thing. I still watched it when it came on! lol

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