Chix-a-Lot Friday: My review of Dora so far

I’ve gotta tell you guys. I really want to like Dora the Explorer. I really do. She’s so pretty, and mama and dad seem to like her ok. But honestly? She scares me a little.

Mama says that’s because I’m such a sensitive boy, and she’s such a confident girl. She loves dogs and loves to play, mama says. But me? I don’t really like to play. At least, not with new dogs. It takes me forever and a day to warm up to a dog before I’m ready to play, but Dora wants to play right away. I’ve never really been into loose women.

I really like my Dora when we go for walks together and when we’re hanging in the yard. When we’re outside, she ignores me and I ignore her, and that’s perfect for me.

We walk side by side, sometimes pretending we’re sled dogs. When it’s extra chilly, we put on our matching red hoodies and walk with our bodies and heads touching so that the touching sides stay a little warmer. In moments like those, I think I love her.

But when we’re inside, it’s a whole other story. Dora gets so excited when she sees me that she jumps, and barks, and basically throws a happy, excited little fit. And I know it’s so silly because she just wants to be my girlfriend, but it scares me. Sometimes I run away, sometimes I tremble a little, and sometimes I just close my eyes and pretend she’s not there.

Mama says that if we keep going nice and slow, maybe Dora will learn to chill out when I’m around inside, and I’ll learn how to not be so sensitive. I’m not really counting on it, but I guess we’ll see. I’m kinda hoping she gets adopted before we even get there. Won’t YOU please take her home with you?

XOXO, Sir Chick

For more info on adopting Dora the Explorer, click here or contact us at info [at] loveandaleash [dot] com.

19 responses

  1. They are quite the pair. It really is a good thing in a way that chick is the way he is with new dogs. It really forces everyone to learn a new way of greeting new dogs, a calmer more polite way, by the time these pups find their home that lesson is largely already learned. That’s huge considering so many dogs never really learn that lesson (not their fault, mostly owners). Chick is a complicated guy, but at the same time he is normal in that he just wants his space, I think Luna can totally relate to that too. And when outside she usually could care less who else is out there and will just go hunt by herself. Some days I wish she was more like a vizsla, but most days I don’t mind much at all.
    How chilly is chilly there? You left before it really got cold here, we have had a couple mornings of only 18 degrees or less.
    Take care

  2. Chick, I don’t get it. She is so b-u-t-ful, how can you not like to romp with her? My mama says I’m not great with other dogs but I sure wish I could get closer to Dora. I think I’m in luv and I’m more than a little jell-us of you. I’m sure you will come to your senses, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  3. Oh, Chick, if only I could. I am glad you are getting along so well out of doors, though. That is fantastic. I am sure eventually she will realize she is coming on just a little too strong. It takes some time to learn manners.

    Those matching hoodies are adorable!

  4. Chick, I don’t think Dora’s “loose,” I think she just knows what she wants and just needs to learn to be assertive instead of aggressive with her advances. She will figure it out! I am sure if Ginger met you, she’d be really shy, but that’s because she is very intimated by handsome men.

  5. This makes me want to walk to Texas and give CHick a huge hug and a kiss!!! Give him one for me please! And tell him there are other fish in the sea, as I’m sure he knows… I”m sure Dora will be out of his fur in no time.

  6. I just burst out laughing at Chick’s explanation that he’s not into “loose women”. Haha! Our Keira can sympathize with him… she has a hard time appreciating other dogs’ exuberance (especially when they’re her foster siblings).

  7. HAHA, too funny!! I’m reading this and finding alot of simularities between my resident dog Willow and Chick. She is kinda unsure of foster puppy Roddy, and goes back and forth between, ‘ok he’s cool’, and ‘ok bug off crazy puppy’!. LOL!!

    • We got ours on a website called Baxterboo, but you can get them on amazon too. They are dog hoodies by a company called “Zack and Zoey”

      typed by my trained monkey. please excuse tybos.

  8. What a sensitive little guy!
    We have reached a great point with our foster– the girls got along right off the bat but it wasn’t even a month before the dominance battle and over-excited play that turns quick into a fight started happening. Now they play great all the time– our foster has finally realized that my girl is the boss and she’s LETTING her be the boss. It’s a huge relief!

  9. Awwww, Sir Chick, you’re such a dignified guy. I hope Dora gets adopted soon too so you can have your mom and dad all to yourself (for about two seconds before a new foster shows up) and not have to be scared of Dora’s intensity. You’re much better behaved than Tommy but I see some similarities. Tommy is scared of Louise too. Everyone says he probably really loves her – I said that once about you and Stevie W and your mom assured me that wasn’t true. I think it’s the same with Tommy. Anyway, Chick, I hope you have a fantastic weekend. You and Dora look smashing in those red hoodies, especially in front of that cool wood door. Is that your house?! Gorgeous.

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