Chix-a-Lot Friday: What I think of the Dude

Last Friday I confessed to you that I like dudes, remember? Well this Friday I have the following to tell you: My new foster brother is called The Dude. And I like him.

Here’s how it went down.

On the first morning, we started off like this:

And then that afternoon, we were like this:

And then I blinked and it was morning again and I woke up like this:

Now. A less gentle-dog-ly fellow might be peeved to wake up to a noseful of his brand new foster brother’s feet, but not I. Because first, as I mentioned last week, I promised my mama that I would love my new brother. And second, I secretly love the smell of dog feets (my mom loves it too so I guess it runs in the family).

Here’s the thing about the Dude. He and I are really, really good-looking together. He doesn’t have the beautiful brindle furs that I have, but otherwise, we go together so nicely. I am white with browns; he is brown with whites. Observe:

He is my perfect accessory, right? And really, there’s more to it than just how much he adores me the colors of his furs. He’s a pretty cool Dude. For one, he is majorly into snuggling, as am I. For two, he doesn’t try to play with me, which I appreciate (being the distinguished older gentleman that I am). And for three, well — I hate to reveal myself to be a big softie, but — I know he’s had a hard life and like mama says, he just needs a soft spot to land for a while. I don’t really remember what that’s like, but mama says I was in his shoes about 8 years ago (which is so silly because I don’t ever wear shoes). It only took me a day to give the Dude my full stamp of approval (the fastest of any of our fosters yet), and last night I told him a Very Sweet Thing. I said: Little Dude, I’ll be your soft spot to land on for as long as you need.

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  1. Yay! I am so glad Chick has finally found a dog he can love just as much as you do. And he makes a very good point: they both match very well. Simply gorgeous, the two of them.That last photo would melt even the coldest heart.

    • hahahah!!! i was just telling my boyfriend that they smell like frito feet and he told me they don’t! they totally smell like fritos!

  2. Love is being a pit bull’s pillow 🙂 Love it! I’m so glad Chick is getting along with The Dude so well. I’m sure it makes fostering him a lot easier on you guys!

  3. I was thinking before I finished, They sure do look nice together! I love that they are so snuggly! Yesterday our dogs touched toes. It was a big deal… I hope someday they’re all spoon-y like that, though I don’t think it’s terribly likely.

  4. Amazing! I’m so proud of Chick for warming up to The Dude. Is The Dude really mellow and doesn’t try to invade Chick’s space right away – why do you think it’s worked so well so fast? They are such a good-looking pair together 🙂

  5. I have loved your adventures with all your fosters. But, Mr. Snickerdoodle/Snickerdude/Dude does have that certain je ne sai quois. That IT factor. I can’t wait to see his adventures with Mr. Chix.

  6. Confession time- I also LOVE the smell of puppy feet! I thought I was weird- now I know I’m just part of a special few. I love, love, love the last picture of them. Love is letting a big old booty land in your face. 🙂

  7. Dude is one handsome Dude and of course it goes with out saying on Sir Chick. I did notice some dangly bits??? That makes it even more impressive that he is such a good boy with all his bits still in place. I’m sure those are coming off soon though! LOL

    • You gals crack me up. He was neutered last Monday, so his bits-sack is still in recovery. But it is shrinking, don’t worry! When we first pulled him, we tested him with another unneutered male, and they did awesome in their meet-and-greet. Just goes to show that the “conventional wisdom” about male-male aggression and pit bull is just a generalization!

  8. I’m new to wordpress and just stumbled upon your site. I am a huge animal enthusiast and I’m so happy there is a site out there like this. I would love to foster in my own hometown, but unfortunately my fiance and I are already at our city limit for animals in the home (which is 5, 4 of which are rescues.) I have quite a few pitbulls in my life that are quite close to my heart and it’s so refreshing to see something highlighting the wonderful, care-free spirits they can truly have.

  9. Oh my God, this is too sweet. I was smiling the entire time I read this post. And that picture at the end with them smushed together on the couch? Heart. Melting.

    This makes me want to get a companion dog for my chihuahua/shiba inu mix…my in-laws dog is currently living with her, but he’s a pitbull/shar pei mix and they just kind of ignore each other. I didn’t think anything of it until last week when we were dogsitting a bijon which is the same size as her and she just lit up – she was wrestling with him, chasing him around, giving him kisses on the nose…it just broke my heart! I think we’re depriving her of a companion and it’s killing me 😦

  10. I think Snickerdoodle might really be the one you keep, seeing how bonded he and Chix are already.
    The pic in my avatar was taken only a couple days after bringing our terrier (the white one) home, and now the dogs kind of freak out if they lose track of one another.

  11. What a great tale (or tail) of bonding! And those snuggle pictures are just precious–especially the last one of them in the chair. My dogs have a complementary color scheme as well.

  12. Oddly enough, I was just taking a painting break because Jack was being SO cute, curled up in a tight little ball, being sleepy. I needed to kiss his doggie feet, and I thought, I am so weird, right? He needs a bath, but I love his doggie smell.

  13. So we had our first winter storm and it’s white and grey and cold outside. Just warmed my feet, my hands and my heart with your Friday’s post. Thanks! I needed that.

  14. What a Friday treat! The whole family (Mommy, Daddy, Baby and Our Three Furry Friends) gathered together to listen as Mommy read your post. Fun and moving for us all!

  15. Just found your site today and I love it! We fostered the cutest, sweetest female pit bull and just loved her. If we could, we’d have her now as ours and have another foster, too. Can’t do it right now, but we will again at some point.

  16. Hey sweet fella, I am glad that you like your foster brother Little Dude! I can tell you are going to be good friends! Love the pictures of you and yes you both are quite the handsome duo!

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